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Buyer Beware!!

Bought a interstate battery at costco, brought the battery home in the back seat of my car. Battery was sitting flat in a bucket seat not on its side or tipped. Went to get the battery out of the back seat and it was leaking battery acid, a large amount. Was able to have someone remove the battery from the car. Battery was causing burns and destroying cloths. A type of black slug was formed on the leather seat that was destroyed. Figured that interstate an costco would come dispose of the battery and replace it, and take care of the damages.

Turns out costco passed the issue to interstate. Interstate is now trying to pass the issue to the manufacture.

Meanwhile my car is destroyed, I had to buy a new battery for $165 at autozone and now interstate wants me to bring the leaky battery back to costco the same one that destroyed my car. I thought they would be so accommodating I was surprised to find out they could careless and had no interest in catering to the faulty battery. The battery came with no box and no one said to take any special cation. I had someone with me so there is no way they can say the battery tipped or rolled. I had 2 people come out and try to get the battery out of the car.

Ofcourse interstate is going to say that it was not faulty and the buyer is at fault. Batteries should not leak they are made to be in cars 12 years. I spoke with interstate and they have experienced batteries leaking and complaints and even damages reported and have not made measures for cation or saftey or accepted responsibility.

Interstate is a large company and needs to make changes. No one has time and is powerful enough to fight them and interstate has experts at getting out of paying for damages and tampering with EVIDENCE is what I was told. Very disappointed and left with alot of damages, interstate needs to modify the leaky batteries and cation the sale of them. Burned in so many ways by costco and interstate.

Product or Service Mentioned: Interstate Batteries Car Battery.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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I don't recognize the word "cation" you insisted on using twice. That said, transporting a car batter by placing it on a car seat rather than in the trunk in a box or container you bring from home shows a complete lack of judgement. If you find a car battery that lasts 12 years let us know what brand it is by the way.


6 years, and caution, thank you for the correction. There are laws and consumer protection being violated not to mention the faulty battery you have not had the chance to see.

Since you have time troll the internet perhaps stop by my house and than chim in.

A car battery should not be leaking perhaps your judgement is poor. If it leaked in box or the trunk would not make it ok.


This site is a scam to collect people's information The owner is an internet troll SCAM alert


I had the same thing happen to me. I am not convinced having the battery leak in the trunk of my CR-V would have been any better and might have actually caused more damage.

I don't think that is the point. If batteries are prone to leakage, consumers should be advised and provided a way to more safely transport them.


they took care of the damages you internet troll piece of $%^&. I filed complaints to against your site and for being a scam and I hope you get what you deserve.


I was talking to @h.kitchener the scam artist People be careful what you fall for when you are already in a bad situation contact consumer complaints in your county and don't waste your time here. Your problem will actually get solved if you bark up the right tree and not give this site any more fuel only person commenting here is @h.kitchener who has time on his hands to make over 4,000 %$^& comments for entertainment. Columbia, South Carolina Member since January 26, 2014 Last activity on October 16, 2019 0 TOTAL REVIEWS $0 CLAIMED LOSSES 4384 TOTAL COMMENTS