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I am a local business owner of a new repair/car service shop. I co-own this business with my husband.

I have always used interstate batteries in my cars and was excited to have them available to my customers. My husband reached out to our local dealer and expressed interest in offering interstate batteries in our location. We were stunned to learn that we were refused the sell of batteries because the previous owner (at the same location) left owing this dealer a bill. I can understand his frustration but the previous business closed and we opened up new business in said location with completely different operating name, business license, federal and state id.

The local dealer didn't care and said that my husband (who is co owner) worked at previous location he was responsible for delinquent bill (he wasn't in account payable-he was just a weekly employee for only 1 year). I then reached out to corporate thinking I could provide proof that we were a totally different business and that we had no liability for previous owner debt. To my surprise my corporate could have cared less!!!! I was told that the local owner could refuse business with whomever he picked and that they couldn't help me.

They said they spoke with dealer and they couldn't make him change his mind. I asked corporate that if an employer doesn't cover their expenses that they hold their employees liable and refuse them service. I basically got that the local dealer can do whatever he feels is correct. I asked so basically once he gets your product you wash your hands of anything he does?

I didn't get an answer!! My favorite is that the corporate rep informed me that the local dealer felt like we had something to do with past due account and we were withholding information. Complete insult to me and my newly opened business!!!

Interstate battery you have forever lost my business and we will not be recommending your batteries to any customer that walks into our location.

Product or Service Mentioned: Interstate Batteries Customer Care.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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