Stay far far away from Integrity Tire & Automotive Centers in New Port Richey. This is a consumer warning.

You will bring your car in for one thing and end up with multiple issues/higher bill afterwards. They have the laziest staff who will not even work on your car if the owners aren't there. Everything is an upsale attempt without even performing the first job correctly. Your first quoted price won't be your end price and at the same time, you'll hear their staff complain every second about working on your vehicle.

Make sure you have something easy to get done, otherwise it might not get done correctly. We even heard another gentleman state that his tires were put on backwards! That might even be too hard.

If you need something done on the day they say it will be done, don't rely on it. They may promise same day or next day service, but it won't go like that.

Their work schedule goes in 4 day increments. Day 1 - Drop Car Off. Day 2 - Order necessary parts (if you remind them). Day 3 - parts come in (you will have to followup).

Day 4 - (hopefully right part will come in!) and then finally attempt to get work on your car. Make sure you plan out a full week ahead because they won't tell you that upfront. They will tell you that it can be done by same day or next day. They won't tell you that specific events - charity, leaving for hours, lazy workers etc etc might effect the time of when your car gets done.

This shop fits your typical horror stories that you hear about.

You will get ripped off and your car will come out worse than it was before. Their staff is inexperienced. They have to rely on message boards, youtube videos and outsiders to gain any insight to your vehicle. They are clearly in the wrong profession.

In addition, the customer is always wrong in their eyes but no customer makes a review containing a couple of paragraphs for nothing.

This shop is far from having any type of integrity whatsoever. They will feed you blatant lies to tell you what you want to hear without even considering you a priority.

Make sure you have something easy to get done, but even tires they mess up on. Expect to hear alot of "cant's". You've been warned.

We wish we were warned. Would've saved us thousands.

Location: New Port Richey, Florida

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