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You can call and leave a voicemail message a dozen times over nobody ever gets back to you and then we get new management nobody is informed of this I find out by looking up the phone number again on the internet and this time another person answers instead of the last management and I teller of the issue that I had in my residence where I needed help and she came up with excuses of why they weren't able to help me even though it was a police emergency and then when I asked her for her bosses number and name she told me they wouldn't offer that to me that they would just reroute me back to her. I had gone to the maintenance man needing help because I had just been attacked by my roommate and he yells at me in an angry voice to get off his property and when I addressed this with management instead of apologies or trying to understand what happened she's immediately making excuses while it was his day off.

Very poor excuse when I needed help and my safety was at risk. And then when I asked for other information on who their law office was she told me she did not have access to those records so I wonder who is in charge and why is she calling me on her personal number instead of the office number? Who runs inspire young women who have no education and poorly misspelled when they write notes I had an issue over the summer with atos sticker being put on my vehicle and I have no issues with complying with management if they're trying to pass inspection or any other reason instead of contacted me via text or email or giving me a call she said she made the proper protocol by tapping on my door 3 times and then she leads a big orange sticker on my driver side window she got me twice. I thought it was a joke at first from my roommate but I decided to call and no she did it and Florida law states that it is against the law to put tow stickers that obstruct the view of a driver there was no information on there that would have stayed who towed my vehicle if that in fact were to happen to you have no assigned Towing agency so who's going to do it her uncle and backyard Towing?

I mean is that legal can anybody just take my vehicle off my property and towed away because they don't like where I parked? I pay my rent every single month I keep up with communication if I have any issues I've even asked for the proper documents and applications so I could have my son-in-law reside there temporarily while I am out for surgery and recuperation basically he would just watch my place till I got back and I've messaged her several times already and no response now she keeps saying she forgot I don't know this is not the easiest method of communication here for me to get what I have to say across because I can't find any responsible adult who is in charge of the company might as well have young children running the place very unprofessional I'm such a sad thing because it's a nice place to live

Product or Service Mentioned: Inspire Communities Willow Point House Rental.

Preferred solution: I would like it if corporate management could contact me 352809652. Please text if possible I have a hearing problem.

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