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I purchased a unit from a small business called Indy Jarvis.The owner contacted me often, after I showed some interest in his product.

I finally decided to order the product which was the Indy Jarvis Talking Car unit. He told me this thing would do all sorts of things and it would pull stuff from the internet and learn. I admit, I was intrigued. When I placed the order, it was for the kit which included(a windows tablet, bluetooth speaker, and a bluetooth headset that he assured me at the time would work great and a set of blue lights).

After placing my order, I contacted him to make sure the funds went through. After several attempts through paypal, it was successful. He then informed me that he was soldering the blue lights on as we were speaking and he would ship my item out that day with a 2 day delivery. Sounds great so far!

4 days went by and I decided to contact him again to see what the issue was. He told me that my unit wasn't complete yet. I asked him, " didn't you tell me the day I ordered it, that all you had left was to solder the blue lights and ship it?" He said, "Oh wait, let me get back to you." After some time had passed, I decided to contact him once again. He said, "my wife told me it just shipped out.

She remembered my name on it. I should have it in 2 days." Once again, 3 days go by and no unit. Starting to get irritated, I contacted him yet again. (Keep in mind, he had no problem contacting me when he was trying to get me to purchase the item.

Now I am doing all the contacting.) When I contacted him, he text me a picture of this huge smashed box. He told me that my item was just returned to him damaged. Now I am no expert, but I am certain that a 7 inch tablet, a 4 inch speaker, 2 6 inch long strip lights and an ear piece, would not be in a box the size of a large microwave. The other cool thing about this, it wasn't even in a priority mail box.

Probably just pulled some random pic off the net? But I thought, Hey who knows? He told me he was gonna have to build me another because he didn't know if that one was damaged or not. I then suggested that, since my wife and I were going to be in his town in a couple of days, we would just come by and pick it up.

Then we all wouldn't have to worry about it getting damaged again. He said that would fine. He then asked if I wanted him to install it. I told him, "no, I am sure i could handle it." He said, "well I would like to install it so I can shoot a video of it and put it on youtube." So I agreed.

A couple of days later, we went to Indianapolis and went to his home to get our unit. When he arrived, he jumped out and started going to work on the install. Me, not realizing at the time, that him installing the unit himself, was his way of hiding the fact that he was giving me all used items. (except the lights.

Which were not blue. They were green.) He said he didn't do blue lights. Which I found very odd since I have seen videos on youtube with some of the cars he has done with blue lights and he told me back when all this started that he was soldering the blue lights on and about to ship it. The tablet was one of his old ones.

It had all his family information in it, friends and more. It had velcro stuck to the back of it. None of which he showed me or told me. Now for the money I paid for this junk box, you would think that I would have at least got new items.

Not used worn out ones. Anyway, he gets it all installed and does his little video. Now, after my wife and him start talking, he is explaining to her that if we have a bluetooth stereo in the car, that this unit will work through the stereo while you are in the car. However, the bluetooth speaker and lights will not.

Only 1 bluetooth device at a time. Naturally I started thinking to myself, how is the bluettoth earpiece gonna work then. But I kept quiet and waited till they were finished. He said, "ok, your all done.

Good to go." So i asked him, " where is my bluetooth ear piece? He said, " oh, well I don't have one. I will have to ship you one. (can you guess what he told me ?) That's right, he said he would ship it out, 2 day delivery.

It has been a couple of weeks now and not a word or an earpiece from this scam. Anyway, As soon as I get back home, I get this unit out and start to mess with it to see what it can do. As soon as I turn it on, the thing goes haywire. It keeps repeating itself, it wont stop.

It also say 2 or 3 different things at the same time which is really useless. So, I call the guy up and I say hey, I am having an issue with this thing, and could use some help. He said, " I am in the middle of something right now and I will call you back in about an hour. Again, it has been a couple of weeks now and still nothing from him.

Funny how his phone worked just fine when he was trying to get me to purchase huh? So let me recap. I paid $279 for the unit, $20 for the bluetooth ear piece(which I never received) and $30 for shipping(which I went and picked up myself. Now I am the type of person that says, " Oh well live and learn.

Some people are just crooks and karma, well, you know.

But after thinking about it for awhile, I thought it would be better to post this and let everyone know, what kind of joker this guy is.By far my worst decision yet.

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Hello, I am Matt, I purchased an Indy Jarvis Kit in Dec. of last year, and have been reading what you guys say about him on here. After watching on the sidelines while you try to tear him down, I felt compelled to write here.
My system Jarvis Interface works great! It's not at all like you say. I did have trouble with the charger, but Indy mailed me a new one at no cost, and all is fine. My Car's name is Brady, and he loves to talk with strangers all the time. The Interface is on a Tablet PC and links to a wire set that comes with the kit.
It has 2 speakers, and Bluetooth links to the tablet I keep in between the seats. That's it. I get in, turn on my tablet, and have talks with my car! All kinds of talks too.
I love what my car can do, and IndyJarvis put my videos up on his indyjarvis.com web site for all to see. (And hundreds more). For those of you with doubts, I can say with ease, the Interface works, my car talks, and it's easy to use. Cheap to buy it too! I was surprised.
I read that there is a former employee who was fired for stealing, posting all these negative comments. I just wanted to write to clear the fake out of there. He is Real, and the KITT he sells works! write him direct at indyjarvis@gmail.com that's the Email I have for the REal guy that does the talking cars. Indyjarvis-
Matt Coy, FT. Wayne
Nashua, New Hampshire, United States #1274214
Funny how all these rebuttal comments are from "different people" but follow the same sentence flow and grammar, use of punctuation etc.
This guy is a scam. Period. He is offering *** and some international customers don't even receive what they paid for.
Cars 4 Us
Carlstadt, New Jersey, United States #1240935
To whom it may concern,
Indy Jarvis- quoted in your "Statement" is a brand name sold as a re-seller. There are several business re-sellers that are IndyJarvis as well, so watch who you speak of. I am a car stereo Install Garage here in Dallas, Tx. I have been a re-seller for IndyJarvis products for about a year now. I have not had ANY of the problems you say you have had. My dealer sent me 5 tablets and 5 car Interface units IN ADVANCE! Not what you say at all. I have one of them on my personal car for 3 months now. He is the Jarvis voice. I have won first place at my local car show, (In my car's class), and have NO problems getting him to talk to the people that walk up on him.
I LOVE my Jarvis Interface, and I have sold over 45 units in the last few weeks! They sell like candy, and are SIMPLE to install.
If you had all the problems you say you have, be sure to mention the right people, cause the brand name is sold everywhere- you sound like you just don't know how to use it.
Some people just don't get along with the Ai's. They pick up on that, and begin to not like the person back.
Are you sure the Ai just didn't like you? He does that to someone who is mean. My Ai in my car told an old woman to, "Walk faster-slow human!" as she went by.....;) Sincerely, Rob Olsterman- Cars 4 US installs.
Love IndyJarvis
to Cars 4 Us #1241415
I got one of these Car units from the same guy you talk of. He was great! Not at all what you say-happened to me. I love what my car can do! It draws a circle of people in every place I go! Love IT!!!- Big thumbs up **** -Ryan Alster, Indiana
to Love IndyJarvis Carlstadt, New Jersey, United States #1251669
I purchased several car kitts over the last couple of months from Indy Jarvis and I have nothing but great things to say. I wouldn't even know where to start. He was very courteous, took the time to answer my questions even though I hadn't made a purchase. I waited and ordered a couple months later and I couldn't be happier. Jarvis is a huge hit wherever he is seen. The tablet fired up right out of the box and it came with detailed instructions. I own a small business of my own and I assure you, the customer is not always right. I don't understand the bashing of this business. I call BS! I have friends and family whom have ordered from Indy Jarvis as well. No issues at all. Packages were right on time and everything worked right out of the box. All of his videos speak for themselves. I have come to find, you can't please everyone. Common sense just isn't so common anymore. Order one for yourself and see or don't, but either way, I give this business 5 stars.
Indy Jarvis Is A Farud
to Chris London, London, United Kingdom #1298222
Hmmm, I do wonder who could be writing all these comments prasing indy jarvis with the most groupie names possible? Stop with this bs indy and drop your company

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