I actually enjoyed going to the Ilani casino mostly because its Closest to my house and its friendly and clean even tho you cant expect to win. But this time and I was shocked!!

I ordered a drink and was charged $13.00 for a shot. I thought it was high but isnt everything at a casino? So okay. I reordered the same drink maybe an hour later and was charged $6.00 so I asked the waitress if it was happy hour or something.

She said No! Thats how much this drink is. I told her how much I was charged earlier and she very nicely apologize which was great . But damn!!!

You feel like you cant trust the machines not be rigged not to pay and now youll be cheated by the staff for your money.. I have gotta find a better way to spend my hard earned retirement Damn!!

User's recommendation: I have none.. That says it all!!

Location: Vancouver, Washington

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