Since renaming and rebranding itself as Investors Wealth (?) this company isn't worth trying to deal with. I originally invested with Investors SYNDICATE when it was the easiest company in the world to deal with.

This monstrosity that it is today is horrible beyond words.

I live in Ontario but I'm calling Manitoba to talk to an unknown, faceless person at the other end of the phone. The agent that enticed me to invest with Investors Syndicate many years ago is long gone and I'm not permitted to even call a local branch (why on earth they even exist I have no idea) because they have ZERO information and can't speak to any of the questions that I have.

Would NEVER recommend this company - absolutely negative experience for me.

User's recommendation: I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone unless you like planning your life around their time frame and for their convenience. I originally invested with them when they were a reputable company and I could pick up the phone, call my agent and talk to my personal agent without making an appointment - at their convenience. I'm withdrawing every single cent from them - I wouldn't invest someone else's money with this company!!

Location: Fenelon Falls, Ontario

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