Nothing has happened and I never expected to hear from them. When they announced their new caliber m, the 6mm ARC, many people built guns for that caliber.

Since they have complete rights for the distribution of their patented caliber brass, they have kept all/most of that brass for making their own ammunition.

They charge $45.95 for 20 rounds of their ammo in that caliber.

I have had orders for 100 pieces of brass with 6 different companies for 69 weeks now. It is never available and the only way to obtain any brass in that caliber is to purchase their ammo made by them, shoot them and then refurbish those cases.

If those cases were available, the cost would be ~$0.50 each. To obtain them by purchasing 20 round boxes of their loaded ammunition. The net cost for each case in Michigan comes to $2.38 each.

Hornady is just about the most innovated company in shooting sports.

The 6mm ARC was announced with reviews in all shooting periodicals over 1 1/2 years ago and all the components were available soon after that.

I built a rifle for that caliber and used the best components available. I have over $2,000 invested in a rifle that can only shoot ammunition made by Hornady.

They do take out ads in the periodicals that pertain to shooting informing everyone that they are doing all they can to make components like brass cases available to the shooting public.

Checking all 6 suppliers every week to insure my orders are still on the books takes a lot of my time, especially for 69 weeks in a row.

User's recommendation: Wait until brass cases are available before buying a rifle in 6mm ARC if you want to develop your own loads.

Location: Swartz Creek, Michigan

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