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I wish to cancel my subscription immediately I have wasted enough money on your service that literally provides nothing in return .

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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HVL literally provide a website seconds after signing up. As you know, traffic doesn't magically land on a website.

Like any website, its up to the user to drive traffic to the site in order to get leads. Looking at your account, you opened all the best use emails we send shortly after signing up which include free and paid methods to drive traffic. One of them even told you how to setup advertising within your account. Since you did none of what we recommended, you received no traffic so obviously no leads.

Also not sure why you would contact us through a 3rd party site that we obviously dont check requesting to cancel your account when you could have just have canceled your site from within your account dashboard.

lolzzzzz. smh @ you.

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