Holtzman propane does auto fills on propane tanks and decides when to refill. They delay end of year refills so they can charge an extra $200 minimum usage fee.

I used 1000+ gallons FY13 but the last refill was delayed until early Jan so technically was less (than the 800 required). They snuck in this minimum fee ... never heard of it before.

So in summary they decide when they are going to auto fill and can mess with the dates so they can charge extra fees.

This is a total scam. Getting charged for not using 800 gallons which I never heard of before and I used over 1000.

Monetary Loss: $210.

Location: Washington, District Of Columbia

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Rollan Qxa

Same thing happened to me. This place is a scam.

Then if you go on will call the guy leaves the auto fill valve slightly open so it leaks all your gas out. Very dirty business practices here.


Check your license agreement. Mine doesn't have a "minimum usage fee", but it has instead:9.

DISTRIBUTOR reserves the right to charge a yearly fee.

LESSEE will be given a thirty (30) day advance written noticebefore being charged the fee and LESSEE reserves the right to terminate this Agreement upon receiving such notice.I also have been charged with minimum usage fee with no notice, which is definitely not "yearly".It smells like lawsuit... anybody?


$210 "minimum usage rental"

We just received it due to the fact we only used just over 700 gallons

Seems a bit shady that the were limiting residents to 300 gallons/60% fills last February and then charging us $210 because we didn't purchase the required minimum 800 gallons.

To add insult to injury, our tank is @ 50%. So if they would have filled it up 16 days ago we would have been over the 800 gallons.

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Have had numerous similar issues with this outfit. They know how to squeeze you for things they haven't given you anything for.

That is not ethical in my book.

We not only went through the fees for not using enough, while our furnace was being replaced, but had several charges for them returning to correct things not properly done the first time. Never a fan of companies that have no respect for customers and find ways to punish them for every thing they can.

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