I guess I should start from the beginning.

My wife and I went to purchase a motorhome in July of 2021. We spend 240000 plus tax and financing on a 2022 miramar 34.5 ft.

The motorhome is beautiful.

They pre approved us for financing long time ahead of pick up, we made our 30 000 $ deposit and were scheduled for a Friday pick up.

They then realized there was a re-call on the rear axle seals and we had to wait an extra week. As they did the recall service themselves, they broke a tone ring while pulling the wheels off but originally thought it was an abs sensor. We were rescheduled for the following Friday to pick it up.

When we went the next Friday, they said I would not have cruise control due to the improper repairs they made. They also informed us they could not fill the propane tank because their system was down that day.

( but had two weeks before to do it) They made me wait in the passenger seat while they drove it down the road to fuel it up.

We drove the motorhome home Friday at 3pm, with ownerships in our name and the plates stickers and signed financing agreements. At 4pm they were at our house to REPOSSESS the motorhome. We hadn't even gone 2 hrs with it.

I drove it back on Saturday morning after a lengthy discussion as to why they needed it back so badly!? Apparently the financing fell through after we left the lot and we were no longer the owners of the motorhome although they had our 30000$ Wtf?

After 5 days of waiting they informed us we could have it back if we made another 20000$ deposit, another banking institution would be involved.

We obliged, I had to convince my wife for days as she was infuriated and the experience which had ruined our purchasing experience.

When we took it in for a scheduled winterization in early November there were a few things

( warrantable) that needed repairs.

When I got there they said I would be charged extra to have the black water emptied they did not have that on site. I drove home and emptied it into my septic system at home because everyone was closed down, and then drove it back.

As requested I sent them the list of defects to fix.

I waited 3 weeks, they never called. When I inquired at the end of November if it had been winterized yet they confirmed a few days later after telling me they would call me right back.

They told me they were waiting on an abs sensor and blamed ford for sending the wrong one. They used this excuse for a whole month saying they sent the wrong part again, and again.

It started to sound like LIES.

At Christmas, still no word. I called and they said the wrong part was sent and still did not have it for me.

In early january we finally got it from them that there was nothing wrong with the abs sensor but that the tone ring was broken and they were waiting on that part now.

By early February i had to call again, they still had nothing for us. Blaming the parts delivery and lack of availability.

Finally we had had enough and decided to schedule to pick up our motorhome on March 4th. Still not repaired.

I finally got home with my motorhome and see, they did not fill my propane it is empty.

They did not fix all the things I asked them to. My sliding privacy door to my master bedroom won't lock. They trim peice is still hanging untouched in the kids bunks with the nails sticking out ready to impale my kids. I don't think they fixed one damn thing I asked them to although I was assured many times over the phone that those repairs were completed by Paul and Chris in the service department.

It's clear nobody had a look around it to check anything that might need attention.

On the way home I tried adjusting my driver's seat and it wouldn't move. ( it worked previously) Probably a fuse but still all the more upsetting.

I will never take my motorhome back to the hitch house and it only has 5000km on the thing.

I wouldn't trust them and we were a NEW motorhome purchaser, which you think would get you somewhere with them.

User's recommendation: Buyer beware.

Location: Almonte, Ontario

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Have had similar excuses and nothing fixed.


We just read your review and just yesterday bailed on an appointment at the hitch house to fix our propane tank on a brand new echelon 24. After reading your review I am so glad we did.

We are going to go to Indiana. So rude at the hitch house as well, like we were in the wrong.

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