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I purchased a 65 inch Hisense TV from Bestbuy about 8 months ago . It worked the first couple of months if that long.

The remote was not communicating with my TV. They sent a tech to my house three times to repair kept going back out again. They decided to give me replacement TV and neither of the three attempts worked 1) the replacement didn't come on.

2) the next one was cracked out of the box.3) the next one was also cracked out of the box. Now after all this time I've been without a functioning TV they want to replace my original purchase price with inflation is not suitable the same value

User's recommendation: Don't trust Hisense to take care of their products in a timely fashion and don't expect good customer relations.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hisense Tv.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Full refund and compensation for my inconvenience for the past 8 months with a nonfunctional TV ; because the money I paid for the TV 8 months ago is not what I could have bought a TV for 8 months ago because of inflation. .

Hisense Global Pros: Resonable prices.

Hisense Global Cons: Poor customer service and products.

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Hi I purchased my Hi sense 65inch TV in 2018 September . My Tv had an issue on February 2021.

The TV is still under the 4 year warrantee. It was taken in and return week later. 9 moths later my TV has had the same issue the stuck on the logo and which was meant to be fixed in February. I explained to the call center when I initially phoned that the TV cannot have the same problem in the space of 9 months this might be a product problem.

They did not seem to bother about that I was told that it will be fixed even if it has the same problem again. They don't seem to understand that the warrantee will expire soon and then they will ask me to pay when i explained that the product may have an issue because if you fix the problem in Feb the TV should not have the same problem 9 months later. My hard earned money is gone into a TV that now seems to have issues after they fixed it in Feb . I am now waiting for more than a week to receive my TV with no communication from Hisense nor the technician company in Durban KZN to tell me when I will receive my TV.

I have to phone to get updates.

Extremely sadden about the back up service plus no compassion when you try to explain that the problem my be the device itself... Tim Dessai

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