I live in Portland, OR in a managed building environment that uses Helio Broadband for Internet Services... been here going on three years and recently tried to mirror my phone to my fire tv when I discovered an unrecognized device available on my network.

Since this is a managed environment Helio excludes access to the Network Admin available by IP address thru the browser...

***NOPE*** No problem just call tech to change the password since my default INSECURE password they created for me when I moved in with: No uppercase, no special characters, uses common words spelling backed by just 3 numbers - which being a former network admin leads me to believe that I could access any other persons network by choosing the network and changing those numbers up or down.... and FYI, Helio would still have FULL control over the my network password if I were to suddenly move, pass away, etc... and this is a very simple change to make, 2 min max.

But NOPE, their solution is for me to go buy a new 5G router if I need control over my own network. Not their money, why should we care?

The router is only $100 - $300 for a decent make/model.

What irks me the most is that it is their VERY POOR judgement in creating insecure passwords to begin with that has put me in this position to require a change.

-10 Stars for very poor Admin judgement

-10 Stars for exceptionally ridiculous company policy

-10 Stars customer service

Why would anyone think this is a good company policy? Why? b/c they have our money regardless of whether we enjoy the service or not since they are the only internet option living in this building. Don't like it?


That's their take. Avoid doing business with these companies that don't care!

User's recommendation: Stay Away - AVOID.

Location: Portland, Oregon

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