I joined healthplan markets headed by justin jacobs thinking I was an agent going to be trained and selling insurance. I was told wed be given leads etc. little did i know I was being set up to be abused and mistreated by justin and he had no intention of giving me

Leads helping me sell. He literally hired me just to use and abuse at will and lie to me and mess with. This guy is a sick twisted maniac and deranged sociopath. He had me join his agency go to trainings meetings yet the whole time had NO intention of

Helping me out or giving leads the minute I got certified justin jacobs cruelly began playing sick mind games and screwing with my head lying to me leading me on in the most sadistic manner possible. He is a monster

When open enrollment started justin made sure I wasn't going to sell and he could distract me with lies nonsense leading me on just trying to break me down belittle me lead me on promising me business cards leads he gave to other agents but had no intent to give me but making me think he was so I couldn't get business cards of my own flyers and was sitting around Waiting on this monster. When open enrollment started I wasn't assisted in selling, justin jacobs began mind screwing me and trying to break me down so rather than successfully selling I was Justin's personal punching bag who he began screwing with cruelly through text on the phone. I was told ten diff stories on how justin ordered my business cards even weeks ago which he never had done. He lied and lied to me. Made me run around for these shadowing appts he claimed to require last minute. What justin jacobs did to me is evil and horrific. He even had me go to his office to pick up business cards said they weren't there then tried to give me company flyers so I could market for free for THEM thinking I was *** and would do something like that. Justin has no conscience and no soul. He was using me just to abuse sadistically break down mess with my head and prevent me from selling waiting on him and his lies. He is the most evil and abusive employer manager and seeks to control abuse women and ruin their lives and careers. Justin spent a month false training me when he had no intent to give me leads!! He spent a week messing with my head so badly and cruelly I was losing my spirit and interest in selling. He did this for power and control as he is a full blown sociopath and monster. Everyday was a new game a new set of excuses as to why I couldn't receive leads from justin and his scam company healthplan markets. Don't fall for it agents!! This is the cruelest most sadistic fmo manager out there. He is a total scam who just wants to use and abuse people nothing else. He comes across as so nice and professional u wouldn't imagine he could be the monster he is. When I questioned Justin's abusive behavior towards me he would argue with me on the phone give false and erroneous untrue reasons as to why I wasn't ready to sell using excuses sick ones such as I came late

To meetings he even lied and accused me of not being at meetings not putting in effort insulting demeaning me. By the end he was harassing me for not going to non mandatory doctor meet and greets which no one else went to and saying angrily and abusively DO YOU KNOW THAT MOST COMPANIES CHARGE FOR BUSINESS CARDS?! Literally abusing and punishing me for expecting business cards he gave to others which he promised me for weeks and then yelling at me for asking for them. It seems justin jacobs has mental issues and is angry bitter at other agents who screwed him over or left his scam company and then began harassing punishing and abusing me for it. I a random female agent became and punching bag for an angry twisted sociopath justin who used me on the side to harass abuse lie to lead on mess with.

By the end justin was yelling at me saying YOU DIDNT GO TO MY DOCTOR MEET AND GREETS!!! YOU SHOWED UP LATE FOR A MEETING!!!! LETS GET THIS STRAIGHT YOU WERE NEVER AN EMPLOYEE OF MINE!!!! Literally harassing me after he abused lead me on for two months and tried justifying his horrifying sick actions by pretending to be angry and making up false excuses and justifications and reasonings as to why he was angry or treating me this way. He went from being a mild mannered person to a full blown sociopath who was terrorizing me punishing fighting arguing yelling at harassing me a female agent and trying to control abuse and even destroy me. Yes I became

The victim of a deranged sociopath justin jacobs unknowingly thinking I was an agent goijg to sell. Justin had other plans for me basically being his punching bag which he can torture abuse and take his psychotic narcissistic rage out on. I was shocked horrified and traumatized the last week knowing this is what my status was going to be at healthplan markets. I was hand picked by justin to abuse control and mentally torture. This is serious stuff justin jacobs a sociopath used an insurance agent and female to abuse and rage out on in the most sadistic manner. He is a sick twisted sadistic monster. He worst. It's not unprofessional or unethical. It's horrendously abusive cruel sadistic evil to do this to another human being. Justin wasn't going to help me sell he made sure I wasn't going to sell and that he would systemically break me down abuse me mistreat me take his anger and rage out on me and justify it. The most sick twisted person I've ever met in my life. Beware anyone and women and stay far away from this scam lead by a deranged monster with no conscience. Justin jacobs is a sadistic twisted animal with no morals or conscience. Stay away and beware.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Orlando, Florida

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All of this information listed above is completely untrue. Justin Jacobs works unbelievably hard to create and safe and professional work environment for all of his employees.

The person that wrote these things has been served with paperwork by a lawyer for harassing Justin Jacobs and Health Plan Markets. Furthermore, everything listed above violates the rules set by this website.

This is an unreliable website as it is obvious that they do not even take care to regulate what is posted. An email has been sent to this website to have this inflammatory and defamatory review removed.


I've known Justin Jacobs from Health Plan Markets for over 10 years. He is none of the things you've claimed above in your "complaint".

He is genuinely a great person and would go above and beyond to help someone in need. I've worked with him in the past and he was always professional and courteous. I think you need help "anonymous" and I hope you get it sooner than later.

God bless.

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