They're keeping him sedated excessively, he cannot hold conversations he has no idea where he is. the drug they have him on is precedex.

a drug that allows them to stay unconscious but arousable. But he looks like he's being tortured. He's been poked and stabbed 1000 times. And the head nurse Cheryl is rude as *** Today I was able to convince them to lighten the precedex, and he came too enough to tell me he wanted to go home with me.

They have him restrained so tight that his hands are purple and swollen twice their normal size. He has expressed to me that he wants to leave.

But when he starts talking, they jack up the precede xiv drip and knock him back out.I've almost been escorted off the property and to avoid that happening. I need some help from someone with a little more power and patience than I possess.

User's recommendation: avoid the ICU unit of this ignorant facility.

Location: Oakland, California

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