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Addendum 01/07/2022: I have already spoken to your "Patient Advocate"....I was told by her that that is the treatment to be expected at Medical City Hospital and that the hospital considers my concerns/and complaint as closed.

On November 6, 2021, I was admitted to Medical City Heart and Spine Hospital for evaluation for Chest Pain complaints because I have a cardiac history. During the night shift 0300am, I began to exhibit signs of a stroke ie., left hand numbness and could not move my right leg (flaccid).

The situation was very scary for me as a patient because I had never had these exact symptoms before. I do have migraines with aura so I have had numbness before but never temporary paralysis of a limb. I immediately called the nurse into the room, Susan Van Horn, RN came into my room and I explained to her what was going on and she explained that it is not my heart so I should be fine because they are continuously monitoring my heart. I asked her to call a Code Stroke so that I could be assessed by the critical care team before I start having more symptoms.

She said no we do not do that over here because we are a heart hospital. I told her I needed to be transferred or sent to another facility where they could assess me for stroke and I would leave if I needed to. She still had not taken a blood pressure, pulse, or EKG, or neuro checks. In minutes, the night shift house supervisor Riz O (only name I was provided) came to my room with a wheelchair.

She asked me if I wanted to leave. I told her you are the supervisor and you are not trying to find out what is going on or diffuse the situation. She said, no, yo want to leave just leave. I told her I can't even move my leg and you want me to get up into a wheelchair, really?

She was argumentative and unprofessional. No one still had not taken my vitals or did a neuro exam. My primary nurse then entered the room and immediately assessed me and took my vital signs. She was understanding and asked me to please stay so that I could be helped.

Granted during the entire time, Susan Van Horn, had only taken a blood sugar and still did not address my neurological needs. I asked her to call a Code Stroke, my primary nurse. She said she could not because she was a "baby nurse" and still in training/supervision. She said there should be an ICU nurse here to assess me.

Scott S. (only name provided) entered the room and said he was not calling a Code Stroke until he did NIH scale on me. I asked them if anyone had called the ER doctor, only in-house doctor, or my own doctor. Scott was very rude and stated he did not think it was a stroke.

I explained to all of them that I typically go to the ER at Medical City and even the ER doctor has to always call neurology because my symptoms are often complex. He left the room, to I guess speak to the Hospitalist Julius, NP. after 45 minutes of waiting, they finally called a Code Stroke. I was taken to the CT scan room and CT scan was taken.

Because the entire event was unbelievable and unprofessional I did record the incident on my mobile phone due to being afraid for my health and afraid for my safety. The incident made me feel unsafe. The following morning at 7am the hospitalist made rounds. I asked him to call my Internal Med/Pulmonary doctor to have me transferred because I did not feel safe in their facility.

I was transferred. After, all and all happened, I was later discharged with a diagnosis of TIA in my patient portal. So, it appears that I did have a mini stroke. My complaints were dismissed and they were very slow in providing me care.

There was no sense of importance or rush to provide me care. I would like a full investigation opened. I did go through the proper chain of command. I spoke with Guest Relations and allowed them to do an investigation.

However, the Guest Relations department mailed me a letter that protocols were followed.

I guess a house supervisor asking a TIA/stroke patient to leave and bringing her a wheelchair is part of their protocol. I am still appalled at the entire events.

User's recommendation: BEWARE.

Monetary Loss: $50000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Location: 7777 Forest Lane, Dallas, TX 75251

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