REVIEW : Havana Health Spa in Aurora CO ::: SUCKS ::: - The facilities are nice, but the customer service is BAD, the front desk lady/owner (Misou) makes you feel UNWELCOME, is prejudice/fake, and has no manners - Just called her and I explained why we felt uncomfortable and she said she was sorry, I have been there 3 times and she was NEVER friendly, with that said will never go back , if you want great service I would definitely NOT go to this place, I will try out a different bathhouse, cos this establishment is SO NOT WORTH IT I wont put up with that type of service, will not go back !!!

http://www.havanahealthsauna.com/ BAD BAD BUSINESS !!!

Location: Denver, Colorado

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New owners a couple of months ago. Misou retired.


We have been going there for over 5 years .She is always nice and friendly to us.Asks how we have been. Always says goodbye when we leave. Friendly crowd and nice atmosphere



Really,...honestly...what do you want from her? When I go to a bath house, I see the front desk people very seldom and I leave them the *** alone.

All she really does is check you in and swipe your card. I felt the same way about the front desk dude at Lake Steam, but that's just because he always messed up and food order and forgot to give me things. He wasn't rude to me, he's just feeble minded.

Oh well. You sound really needy and hard to please.


I am interested as to what the lady did to make you feel this way?

I went for the first time in Feb 2012 and found the same lady to be friendly and helpful.

I was very imperssed with the facility and all it had to offer. I also had a full body scrub and massage. The lady who performed the service was very profesional and strong.

Although pricy it was well worth the treat. I will return.