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This is in response to Kristen Jordan’s comment. There is a major backstory to Jordan‘s comments. I feel somewhat responsible as I was the one who unknowingly motivated her interest in Jim Hatten‘s Giant Schnauzers. I found her on the Internet in 2013 and drove from Ohio to her property to purchase one of her puppies. The irony is everything she claims about Jim is true of her.

The dog she sold us died in April on good Friday while at the vet having his ears cropped. The vet contributed it to an underdeveloped heart and other internal issues. We will never forget that day. Conrad has a grave stone in our backyard. She sold us the dog when he was under 8 weeks old.

The day we picked him up it was in the 30’s and he was outside, the smallest of the litter, shivering with a runny nose. We returned home to a round of anabiotic’s etc. The conditions of the property were deplorable at best. Her adult male dog was out of control. Her warranty was a joke.

I was so devastated I never thought I could purchase another dog.

However, my family insisted that another puppy would help relieve the ache in our hearts. That is when I began hours and weeks of research determined not to make the same mistake I made the first time. Up until then I did not even know what the phrase “puppy mill” meant. Through research one name kept coming to the top of the pack - Jim Hatten. Long story short we reached out and found the greatest dog for our family. When I first saw Bentley I could not believe he was a Giant Schnauzer. He was three times the size of Conrad (The dog we had purchased from Jordan.). Very alert and playful. He honestly looked like a different breed compared to Conrad. The rest is beautiful history...Bentley can perform over 12 difficult tricks - today he runs off leash beside me stops on command goes on command and opens all the doors in our house. A regular king of the castle. He is the best friend we have ever had.

Unfortunately for Jim - I was so amazed by Bentley (having something to compare Conrad to) I imediately called Jordan telling her of our amazing dog and how I realized more than ever what a disservice she had done to the breed, not to mention the pain she had caused for Conrad.

At that point, three months after Conrad’s death, she offered to give me another dog. I emphatically explained I would not take one of her dogs if she paid me. Jim’s dogs all look like twins and not just in the same litter but from year to year. On the other hand not one of her dogs looked consistent. I’ll never forget my first conversation with Jim. I asked him what he did with the runt of the litter’s. He said, ”what do you mean runt?” “I have no runts.” Then and there I recieved my first lesson in careful, conscientious breeding. I was amazed when he sent me the pictures to prove it. As a result of me telling Jordan about Jim’s dogs she apparently has lashed out at Jim. She tried to purchase one of Jim’s dogs but would not agree to Jim’s constraints.

After six years I can still say Jim and Kim are great people and have just the right amount of love and knowledge to consistently bring about Giant Schnauzers who exceed all expectations! I have seen both Jim and Kim in the ring and traveling with their dogs. They love their Giants. It pains me that Kristen would stoop so low as to fabricate when she has so miserably misrepresented what it means to be a breeder and pet lover. One last thing. I had friends and clients that laughed when I told them I was buying a Giant guaranteed to champion. Kristine scoffed and laughed saying that was an impossible guarantee. At six months Bentley took first place best-of-breed and second place best of show in Missouri. Neither one of us had ever been to a dog show or seen a dog show. Jim’s Giants are the best.

The proof is in the beautiful friendship Bentley so cheerfully gives to his family every day. Please call me at 513-404-**** if you would like the full story in more detail. I have all my paperwork from Kristen and all my pictures of Bentley. There are pictures of Bentley winning on Jim’s website. Please make your own decision, I have already made mine. When I have to buy another giant I will not be doing any more research just picking up the phone and calling one number - the number for Jim Hatten.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Location: 1712 Angle St, Rock Falls, IL 61071

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We are on our third giant from Jim. Amazing


My first two Giants came from Jim Hatten; absolutely wonderful dogs. My Caesar turned out to be a reincarnated Tibetan Monk!

Most wonderful dog. That was in 1998.

I have only had Giant Schnauzers since! Joan August


This is Kristina: It is best that you do not comment on the negative posts on this site or it just makes the original post have better placement on search engines. If you want to do the best thing for Jim it is best not to post or comment at all.

I have contacted Jim and let him know if the fraudulent post that I did not post. Hopefully he can get it taken off. The site won’t reply to anything I send them.... in regards to my dogs at my home: We live in a farm of nearly 100 acres.

Our “AKC Champion” stud the last commenter says was out of control is not that at all. He is trained to be protective and Would stand perfectly and quietly for anyone if I were to put a leash on him. That is how all our dogs are trained. when someone comes to visit our farm I show them all of our dogs in their natural state and temperament off leash in a large inclosure.

This is a protective natured dog and will bark and act bold to strangers unless I put a leash on them or if I allow you into where they are then they are fine. I do not just bring out a couple groomed adults on a leash but show you all my dogs as they naturally are which is protective but still trained, how else would they be AKC CONFORMATION CHAMPIONS! We have never lost a puppy from a surgery but the poster had a pup that was a nice quality pup and after receiving it took it to their vet and after the vet found the pup to be in perfect health did a cosmetic ear crop procedure. During the surgery there was oxygen loss to the brain which caused brain damage and puppy had to be euthanized by buyers vet a few days later from the damage the elective cosmetic procedure caused.

I did offer a discounted pup to buyer which is over and beyond our guarantee which is same guarantee most breeders have against any life threatening genetic defect.... I told the buyer if he has an autopsy done and it shows a defect such as that then I would give him another puppy free of charge. Buyer decided not to do that stating nothing would probably be found wrong on a autopsy. Buyer stated there must be something wrong with pup if it had complications from anesthesia which is not true.

Healthy pets and people have complications every day from getting put to sleep with anesthesia,. That’s why your vet has you signed a paper stating you agree not to prosecute them for any complications that may occur. It is easier I guess to say pup was defective then to blame yourself for making the choice to crop ears in which caused the death of a innocent puppy. Buyer stares quality was better on the second pup he received from another breeder: Buyer was very pleased with the pup he received from us and nothing negative was ever said until after pup had the surgery complications.

Giant schnauzers double in size weekly and change a lot from 8-12 wks of age... There is also difference in costs within the breed. So you can not compare two different puppies that are two different ages, with different coat types. I have had several pups from those very parents get their AKC championship titles as well as others that are service and working dogs.

Completely healthy larger sized Giants just like their parents are. Everyone that is interested in seeing my puppies and adults are allowed to come and visit us.

I also have reviews from many people who have picked their puppy up in person at our home that can vouch for the health, quality, and temperament of our Pups and adults as well as the set up we have for them. I suggest anyone that is looking into buying a pup contact the breeder themselves go and visit themselves and if they cannot visit then ask for references of past buyers who have visited and can tell you honestly what they saw and how their puppy has turned out.


I am Kristina. I did not post the review.

I contacted pissed consumers and told them I never bought a puppy from Jim and that someone else posted an brought both our names into the complaint. They do not return anyone’s messages or emails. The site is only for posting bad comments and they do not care who or what people say or even care if it is true or not. They do not check and see if the poster is the actual person or not so site is not worth believing.

Everyone should go to the breeder’s themselves and ask for past buyers contact info to see true reviews from real puppy buyers. There are to many people against breeding all together listing lies about breeders and causing breeders to distrust each other. Again, I never posted anything against this breeder. I feel bad for him and it has happened to me as well.

People not even getting pups posting and lying who they are. Very sad for everyone.

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