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This place deserves a ZERO for patient service. My Dr.

sent me Hanger in Savannah at 906 E 68th for for a set of orthotic supports for my shoes. I have arthritis in my feet and need some arch support. I drove all the way to Savannah where the young lady said according to her paperwork I was there to get measured for an ankle brace for my right foot. I told her I think she was wrong because my doctor and I had talked about getting measured for inserts for my shoes to help with some arthritis and arch support in both my feet.

She said NO my paperwork says to measure and fit you with an ankle brace for your Right foot and nothing about your left foot. I said no you must be mistaken can you check with my doctors office and get the right information. She said it was not her responsibility to call my doctor's office it was my responsibility. I told her I came all the way to Savannah and you don't even know why I am here.

I guess I need to just go home and find out why you folks don't have the right information. She just said "Have a Good Day -bye". This place has no customer/patient service what so ever. It is all about what it says on their paperwork.

No offer to help find out where the mix up is. Terrible! 3 days later I get a call from my doctors office saying they sent over the wrong prescription. REALLY?

About an hour later I get a call from Hanger Clinic wanting me to reschedule my appointment. NO THANK YOU! I wanted the Hanger Clinic to call my doctor's office to verify the prescription and they refused.

They were rude and they lost my confidence and trust in their ability to serve my needs. Very unfriendly place!

User's recommendation: stay away.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Hanger Clinic Cons: Not willing to call doctors office to verify prescription, Rude associates.

Location: 906 East 68th Street, Savannah, GA 31405

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