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I've written enough reviews about hair club, they simply dont care if you are not happy with the result and want a refund which you will never get, with all the bad reviews about hair club in all locations, im surprised they arent being sued, taken court, they are screwing people out of a lot of money, we are not talking about a couple hundred dollars, we are talking thousands. Im sure when the employees of hair club or even the owner go buy a product and are not happy with it, they return it to the store and exchange it or get their money back.

I think they be pretty pissed off if they bought a $3000 tv and it didnt work and the store they bought it from was just like hair club, the emoloyee at the store would respond by saying... too bad, your stuck with a broken tv . Im hoping with all the bad reviews from hair club, they will go out of business but my guess is they will just change their name and screw more people out of money, funny how i dont see h c advertise on F.B anymore but seen a different hair club company advertise but offer the exact same thing as H.C...

Anyways i can complain everyday about hair club but they dont care, not getting my money back, hair club doesnt care about the person they are dealing with, all they care about is your money, i bet they will be very friendly and nice to you, of course they will, after all they are taking $5000 from you, or more. I really hope more people complain about this company and other hair treatment places, tired of companies like H.C screwing people over and I seriously hope they go out of business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Hair Treatment.

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I remember ten years ago I went to see them and they could not give me real prices. I had to make another appointment to see someone just to get prices and more info. I thought, well this is BS, and they are wasting my time.


It’s 4 thousand bucks,400 hundred a month & hair products are additional charges (Toronto fees)


This institution must be banned world wide for fraud. No disclosure in the contract about the ongoing treatment plan.

Innocent victims are scanned into buying in to the program.

You only realize mid way that you need tens of thousands of dollars to maintain your hair which the average person will not be able to afford, Fake employees who tell you what you like to hear. Wonering why authorities do not shut down this institution.


Most complaints on here are absolutely correct. They don't care about you, your needs, okay care less about keeping you on as a customer.

They put on a very good unit in the beginning, but then it seemed the quality of the hair piece became worse and worse.

Now I have one that is so thin I might as well not even wear it. Why can't a judge do something about this company?


I totally agree. The worst lies and scam on earth.

They prey on the vulnerable in society. They first trap you and then rob you.

Superficial staff expertly trained to be phoney and fake. The public should be made aware of the lies and scam.

@Linda Stirk

Glad people agree with what I've mentioned and you'll be happy to know I've reported this company to the better business bureau and I'm hoping something will be done about this because hair club doesn't care