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I watched the vid....Looks like they are ventilating new strands onto the clients hair strands...Instead of lace...ie: wig making. This poses the very real issue of new growth.

Soon as the hair grows...Assuming the clients hair grow the average of 1/2 in a month.....Or more for fast growers, or less for slow growers.....Three months time and it's over. It will need to be redone. Or accept it as temporary.... Ie: want to look good for a wedding...And call it a one time expense.

Go simpler....Lace wigs.

Much cheaper and with proper care...Will last for years. Signed, A lace wig maker.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Xtrands Hair Treatment.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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What a joke. The review says “not resolved”. Dear lace wig maker, don’t hate Hair Club if you’re going to use the site to promote your “business”.

to Mike N #1460203

Hcm sucks

to Mike N #1577520

Oh please , she is right lace wings are better . Plus the process they do takes the little bit of hair u do have right out your scalp.

Imagine me shaving all your hair off and rubber cement glue donor hair to your head for $5000.

Honey that's just not right and very deceiving,. I saw commercial , and I know it's a wig for sure because I also make and sale Wigs.




x strands is simply a quick fix. Such a waste of money. Its a rip off


Clearly you are NOT a customer. you only reviewing video, and trying to promote yourself. so lame.

to June #1410613

Very cleaver

to S8 #1444522

Knife-like? What's with all the poor grammar here?

No one will take you seriously if you can't spell or write. We don't.


Please only review products you have used so that your information is credible.

to UStravelor12 #1379782

Trima is the best

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