Hempstead, Texas

I went to hair club because my hair stop growing years ago spoke with counsel and she stated she could help me. I was told what the price was an we agreed to this i asked her how would they attack the hair with glue and she said no So i payed 2,500 down and they would get in touch in eight weeks.

They called me in second week of Dec. The lady starting working on my hair she never showed me what kind of hair she was putting on even though we had agree to a certain color. After she finish it was the worst looking hair i had ever seem and i stated this to her. So she said they would order anothe kind where turned out to be worst that the first one.

I told them that i was not please with there service and want my money back.

I have been calling now for weeks and they wont return my call. MY adviser was Dense Castro and i spoke with Derrick who was suppose to be the manager he will not return my calls.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Manager.

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #653865

The HC will never show you what they are about to give you even after you sign the contract, you won't know what they have in store for you up until they walk i nthe room with the toupee/wig! they dance around what it really is in the consultation.

i will never understand how people can sign a contract and not know exactly what they are actually paying for! Where in the world does on do this except for this place?

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #611281

hi, buddy i'm so sorry you hade to endure and learned the true nature of what this club is all about which is exactly what you've experienced. Call consumer protection office and BBB.RIGHT NOW.

Read some of my reviews see what this club is indeed all about. Scam,rip off,lies,deceptions.

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