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They don't last. The color fades.

It looks good for about a week and then you have to pay through the nose to get it fixed. The guarantee is bull. A new "system" is thousands, and come from different suppliers whose quality varies widely. I wasted thousands.

Surgery is the only permanent, quality, convincing solution. Incorporation your own hair is a joke. They use it to "anchor your "rug," and it loosens as your hair grows and they charge you to "tighten' it back down. I threw thousands down the drain, and they never kept the color matched.

It rarely looked natural.

SCAM! Bilkers.

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The GLUE that is used only last about 3-4 weeks depending on the climate, when its hot, you will need to have the glue cleaned and re-applied about every 3 weeks. They don't tell you this but it's a FACT.

Lets be clear, loosing your hair can be very stressful, and yes there are great looking lace units that will make you look and feel great but there is maintenance involved however, it doesn't have to cost you your life savings either!

Do your research, these programmed type hair companies mark up the hair unit 10000% and they know you are desperate! Their motto "If you cry , you will buy!" They are sitting and waiting for you to walk through their door so that they can POUNCE all over your wallet!


Get surgery and save your money but find a good one. Do your homework!

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