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I do not recommend hair club. They seem like they want to help you but their interest is on you singing up for their ridiculous expensive "solutions".

BEWARE! the refund policy only last 3 days, and it takes effect on the day you SIGN. So even if it's 5pm and the place is about to close, it counts as a full whole day (wtf is that) and now you have 2 days left.

I specifically went to the kew gardens location. A day before the refund policy expiration i emailed to cancel my membership because the location was closed for the day.

They never replied and I had to call back. The lady said she saw my email (but note how she still didnt give me a call back). I couldnt get full refund even though i was still within the policy days. She said she was going to talk to her manager.

A week passed and never received a call back until one of their employees called to confirm my appointment (even when im trying to cancel my memership, the appontment was still on). The lady talked with me and said I would only have to pay $500 because cannot give me full refund. For what? I didnt even go to a SINGLE appointment.

But stupid me agreed because i just wanted to get out of this and not end up paying a full $3,000+. The day i go in to sign she decides to tell me there is a $200 tax for the refund (didnt say that on the phone). So I'd have to pay $700. Stupid me again agreed and signed out of anxiety to get out of this contract.

Then weeks later I receive and invoice that i owe $821, practixally for NOTHING. I did not go to one single appointment or took any additional products besides the ones they give for "free". Withing 6 months i have to pay $821 for literally no service or products, for NOTHING. Im just thinning a little bit and wanted to take action before it's too late.

My hairline is still good and i do not think i should be paying $3,000 when im only thinning.

Go natural and try oils and save money. I DO NOT RECOMMEND HAIR CLUB.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Hair Treatment.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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