551 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10022
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This is Art from the 551 Madison Office, Manhattan, New York. I am a member of Hair Club For Men for over thirty years.

For three decades, I felt the pleasure of always looking younger and feeling more confident in the fast lane Manhattan life that I have. You never have enough confidence in that League, HCM made all the difference. The service is great thanks to concentrating on the stylists that fit/suite you best. I was lucky to have Cheesie and Ann over the decades and still enjoy their update styles and good friendship.

Ann is like a mother hen (big sister) that can not only have your hair looking great but also being capable of solving any of the problems you, as a life long friend, decide to share with her, all in the 30 - 45 minute appointment on a Saturday Afternoon. The General Manager of floor five and six - Susan - is a "saint." Her oversight and friendship through the years has been a great aid to me and to many others.

Long Life HCM at 551 Madison. Blessings, Art

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Membership.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Hair Club Pros: Friendly reception area with chance and liz.

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scam....went there....glued on, very noticeable rug. save your money!