Dekalb, Illinois

When i went to the consultation the bad decision i made was to trust what i was told.I was told i did not need a scalp analisis because i did not have enough hair to do anything but get a hair system.

Was told i"d save 500 dollars if i signed contract today.First system was not so bad.Second system two men came in while my second system was being a follow up with a reccomended 50 dollar tip per visit and if i needed any product it would cost me for each.I was then told i would look better if i upgraded to a better hairpeice for 50 dollars more a month when i had already paid them 3,695.00 for one year that i was told was only 10 months because they go from the dte you sign the contract and not the date in which you get your first "system".

All of this was told to me as i am sitting in the styling chir with no hair system on my head.I said i would have to think about upgrading before making a decision.I at that time asked for a copy of my contract that i never got.The general manager got it for me.

The next time i went back was for my third hair system of which you get four but had to step up my frequency of visits since learning i had only 10 months to use them and one followup between all four systems.

I got transfered to a new stylist but new as soon as she was done withe my third system that i was being downgraded to a much less appropriate stylist.

I am really stuck now unless i either go back to bald or find some other place to keep me in better and real hair.Not synthetic.I would not reccomend them even if you do have the money over and above what they start you at financially.It looks fake because it is fake.Constantly wont lay down and constantly unmanageable.But i"m only a fool for ten months and then they are the fools.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Hair Treatment.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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You should have stopped paying these scam artist as soon as you were told to tip the stylist.Any kind of decent business does not tell you how much to tip and GOD knows how much these "stylist" (salespeople) are making already off of dumb people that have been scammed.They do not deserve a "tip" because they are working for a "business" that they know full well only survives off taking advantage of people with low selfesteem.

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