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I had my consultation 5/2017 & was suckered into their scam. I went in to get a consultation for hair transplant. After, getting a hair analysis done I was told that my hair was too thin for hair transplantation. I was so distraught that I couldn't get the hair transplant that I so longed for. They then proceeded to tell me they offered another product that would help me. They showed me pictures of women with full heads of hair & said that I would walk out of the salon like that. First RED FLAG!!!!

I asked if I would be able to go on a boat or go swimming with it & they said, "oh most definitely!!"

I had really bad thinning hair, on top only, & would use hair clips & eye shadow to hide my scalp. I was desperate & they knew it & they took advantage of that!!!

So, I let them run my credit that day & was then charged an$8500.00 care credit card & the syatem was only $5500.00 for one year of 4 wigs & 12 salon visits....which none of them are fully trained to style or cut a wig!!!

BTW, they never told me it was a glorified wig from India!!! I'am now stuck with this horrible, grossly fit wig that sheds the dry course Indian hair. Not to mention the wig costs me $509 a month & that's not including the hair products you have to get. The wig looks like a wig & I have to constantly glue it down or it will peel back. They have shaved my real hair so now I'm stuck with this BS for the rest of my life!!

I can't go on a boat ride bc you can see the edges & I most definitely can't go swimming. When it gets wet it gets extremely tangled and you have to use leave in conditioner just a comb it.

I'm so depressed....more so then I was before 5/2017!!!

I'm thinking about getting an attorney

Good luck to all!

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Procedure.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I am so sorry to hear all of this....I am also a very angry EX-client....may I ask you a question?? Did they measure your head for your very expensive "Hair System"??