Dallas, Texas
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I went and all they would offer was a hair piece which I continually told them I did not prefer. All they would do was put me in a hair styling session after another and I would say is this all you can do.

They said doesn't it look better and I would say yes it looks better but not what I want and it is embarrassing if I pick some girl up and they touch it. They charged my credit card and made me sign a paper saying they were successful in making me look better during my visit or it would cost me more to get the products to leave with. I said it wasn't really what I wanted and all they would say was gee you look so much better. When I refused the credit card charge they ruined my credit.

I was so discouraged I just never went back and never wanted a hair piece nor wore the hair piece again and City Group Credit Card paid them anyway. when I refused the charge City Group ruined my credit. All I can say is never sign any papers Hair Club offers you even if they make you for the day look better than when you went in cause it will cost you 2000+ dollars and Hair Club won't care whether you want it or not What they even do hair style wise won't last any reasonable amount of time even if you know styling or want a hair piece.

The ads on TV are totally fraudulant as far as I am concerned. Also the Credit Card companies won't stand behind you as a consummerqqhp

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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