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An add had surfaced across my internet screen while I was on the web in regards to hair loss. This definitely got my attention, because I suddenly began to notice that my hair was starting to thin in the top crown of my head.

So I set up a free consultation thinking that this is the right move by regaining my confidence by regrowing my hair. First off, I arrived at this discreet location which was of concern and I was told that people are embarrassed because they are loosing there hair and policy is to remain discreet, which makes good sense. At the consultation, they performed a deep tissue scan to determine if the roots are dead and if I can regrow my hair. I was told that I was in luck and was promised by going through this program I will regain a full head of hair.

A contract was brought out that I have to go through 12 treatments and what this program will cost. The cost was over $2,000 and I agreed to sign the contract. I went through a few treatments and it seems as if my hair was growing but the fact of the reality my hair lost in the areas that were thin were getting worse. At the end of my treatments the outside areas around the thin spots had grew more and was Stronger but the thin areas we're falling out.

All through the treatments I was being pressured to purchase a laser helmet to speed up the process of the hair growth. I had to purchase hair strands Builder to make up for the areas that were Bald. At my last treatment I was approached again that my hair situation has not improved, so the next step would be hair inplant. The surgery to have hair implated for the rest of my life would cost over $8000.

I have already spent near to $4000 purchasing there products outside of the contract. I wrote all of this to say, stay away from HairClub. I walked away in a worst condition than I was when I started the treatments. I have tons of products left over that I can not use,because they just didn't seem to work.

I was promised hair,but after you sign the contract that slogan will change. Then it turns into, everyone's make up is different and HairClub doesn't guarantee full growth of hair but it will stop the hair loss, which was untrue as well.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Hair Treatment.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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I want out of HCM too need something cheaper got any advice?


a hat collection,a shaved head or micropigmentation


I have a great deal for you in some Spanish prisoners.

Or, if you'd rather, I have a nice bridge in Brooklyn for sale.

There is still no magic hair restorer contrary to what the sellers claim.

The only way to get the look you want is through PROFESSIONAL cosmetic restoration. Extensions, pieces, etc.

Find a pro !

I have fooled all of the public and several practicing cosmeticians over the course of the past 25 years.

Not a drop of chemical on my skin or in my body. Good luck, nothing sucks worse cosmetically than being bald.


Shut up ...A shaved head or a bald head is very {{Redacted}}


Bald men are awesome


Send those products back