I suppose to see them once a month to get treatment (washing hair...apply product..massage(little little bit)...they used this mini portable scope to view scalp..and hair cut if you need)......for this i get charged I believe was like close to $300 each month. THIS IS WHAT PISSED ME OFF..THEY AUTOMATICALLY CHARGED ME EVERY MONTH REGARDLESS IF I MAKE THE APPOINTMENT OR NOT. But if I don't come every month for the appointment...I can't get the *** shampoo and conditioner and the minoxidil(5%). There are time when I can't make it because they are like 2 hrs away from me(closest one to my location)...they won't ship your products either. So yeah I'm paying them for nothing AT ALL..There are many months I've been running out of products too. It's like really? I DID SEE SOME BABY HAIR GROWING BUT THATS ALL..VERY LITTLE LITTLE HAIR. NOW I JUST BUY MINOXIDIL(ALSO 5%) FROM ROGAINE AND USE THAT..AND I SEE THE SAME RESULT...I NEVER HAD TRANSPLANT OR ANYTHING SO NO COMMENT ON THAT BUT YEH...BE CAREFULLY AND DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY PPL.

If you don't want to spend money on transplant or expensive procedures..minoxidil from Rogaine is good. I've been using it for a month now and I do see baby hair just like the product they have at Hair club that I spent like almost 4 *** K for *** products and services.

good luck!

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Hair Treatment.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Hair Club Cons: Nightmare.

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Until they glue the cheap wig to your head its not too late.

Do not do it and i mean that with all honesty.

This so called business should beshut down!


I signed contract back in February and they started charging me this month $169. My appointment isn't until May 9th.so on top of the $169 or they charging me an extra $300?

My fiancee said to give it a try but after reading all these reviews I had second thought. I contact the guy to try and get out of situation but, he said it was to late because they already order hair.


Please beware and tread carefully... If this is about hair pieces then please pay attention that $300. fee Is your monthly membership payments (that to start with) and will be charged automatically on your credit card...they don't tell you everything up front, don't ignore the hundreds of negative reviews posted, this is just one webside out of many...

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