Tuscaloosa, Alabama
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In the consultation, They told me that the product would be applied strand by strand and blended into my natural hair. When I got there for my "Big Day", they shaved all my hair off, and came out with this wig, dripping water from it all over me.

I was horrified.

They have your money at that point, when you start complaining, they no longer want to deal with you. I'm going to do everything in my power to get the word out there about Hair Club shady business practices, and expose them for the crooks they really are.

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I'm in South Florida and my hairdresser will order, and set a custom piece, color matched and all for just $200. Her pieces last 6 months or more with good care and she only charges $40 to reset,re-color match, style, etc.; which is needed for me every 3 weeks.

She gets her pieces from a manufacturer in China and is still able to make a profit.

Hair club sounds like a major ripoff. If you're in So Florida check out aaahhsomehair.com


Thank you for the information. I did not know about the required head shaving.

I checked around and others said the same thing. No Hair Club for me.