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I agree with the person that posted the 7/17 Hair Club for Men Scam.

I went in for a hair transplant consultation and was told that my hair was too thin and did not have enough hair in the required areas to transplant. OK so I went for the bio maxtrix deal> I also was not told that it was a wig and that my head would be shaved to 1/8 of an inch. I currently have shoulder legnth hair on 2/3 of my head.

Concerned that if I would not be happy with my "new head of hair" I was advised by a consultant that they could leave at lease 3 inches of my own hair "just in case".

Also, when I got home I saw that my copy of the contract was not in my folder and it was not mailed to me for 2 weeks, long after the 3 day cancellation period was over.

Now 2 months later my hair has arrived and I am scheduled for a fitting this weekend. Would it be possible for you to forward my e-mail address to the person that posted the 7/17 complaint? I would like to find out how their complaint was resolved "just in case" my new hair also comes out looking like a cheap wig.

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Folks, HairClub has tens of thousands of happy customers. It is not for everyone. So you are reading just the unhappy ones here.

I almost did not buy an I pad because of the reviews. Since then I bought two.

Dont let some one elses expierence taint your decision. If you want to go in for a free consultation, just leave your credit card at home.

Talk to the hundreds of customers that are already there.

Make your own decision.

From a Happy Club member for over 26 years!


@thingkv Your review was in 2009. I recently went to a Hair Club office and went throught the procedure. They DO NOT try to sell a more expensive "wig". There is ONE hair piece!!

Yes you go in monthly which was explained to me on day 1. There are programs to chosse from depending on your needs.

I decided at first not to go ahead and signed the paperwork for the full refund with no problems. I was then offered a deal to try it for 30days and if not happy, receive a full refund.

Over all, I was very happy with my dealing with the Hair Club. Everything was explained, costs etc. No pressure selling at all.

Whether or not I will like it after 30days is anyones guess but with a full money back offer, I have nothing to lose.


The "wig" you're getting first will be the worst so that they can "work" you up to the more expensive "systems". They don't tell you they start you at the bottom level and that the the one you get is going to have to last you for several months...

which it won't. They never let you see it dry either, the systems always look okay when they're wet. You'll also have to go in monthly, you have limited visits included in your package that aren't enough to cover your visits you'll require and then will be charged about $100 for each visit needed for them to GLUE and tape the system to your head. Sorry this is late and you've probably already figured it out but maybe it will help someone else.

Those chemicals in the glue... I don't know what they are and they will not tell you what is in them but you will have a permanent ring around your head from repeated "applications". They will tell you time periods for the applications differer from person to person because of body chemistry and washings but in reality it only stays on good for about a couple of weeks. Then it starts coming off.

If you get a really bad system in, you're stuck wearing your old worn out one for 4 to 6 weeks till another one arrives. Trust me, when they start wearing out they go fast and look horrible. Get out of it while you can. Change your credit card number and send them a letter giving them 30 days notice.

(that's what they've included in their often updated contracts they make you sign before any new systems are ordered) They shave your head and you're over a barrel and under their control. The costs are going up, you have to use their products only and they're not cheap.

It took me years of looking like I was wearing a wig before they worked me up to almost a $1000 a system ($300+ a month, 1 new system every three months) I still walk out upset more than happy...and people STILL ask me if I'm wearing a wig. Half my head was shaved to a quarter of an inch and covered in glue and tape...what else was I supposed to do?

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