Jackson Heights, New York

They should closed down all the Hair Clubs permanently. All they are doing is taking away people hard earned money and any bit of hope they had. I went there before and after their misleading evaluation I walked out.

Shame on them.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I have been scammed by hair club too and they would not offer me a refund. I am filing a suit and could always use more testimonies to aid me. Would appreciate hearing your story.


Contact me.... lashes1@sbcglobal.net


Hello. I have also been scammed by HC and am also wanting to file a suit.

I have been told though that I need to be very careful on who I am suing because if I sue the wrong person, the case gets automatically thrown out of court. I am wondering who exactly you sued because I want to make sure I have the right person too.


reach me at reynae91@yahoo.com


This is a ***. They order it off china for 100 bucks.

I remember i. The uk one of the guys who worked for a similar set up could not live with himself and set up his own bussiness charging only 200 , he was open about making 100 on each toupee and made his money by refitting. He only charged 40 for hair cut and refit. Its a huge ***.

U be better off ordering ur wig ( coz thats all it is ) on line for 200 and getting local mobile stylist to cut and match it.

U just have to to take an outline trace of area and send it. The glue is rubish. Does not work.

Only a strong glue works but nit good fir ur skin.

Its a hassel and everyone will know what it is as it is dead hair. Texture is different , may be alright couple few days then you will look like worzel gummige ( look it up!)

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