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This company was pretty much a joke. I went in for the free consultation where they convinced me I am at 'the perfect time' to start the treatments because I am thinning and haven't lost a whole lot so it would be more successful for me then those with more hair loss.

So wanting to take advantage of that information and not wanting to get past the point of no return with my hair loss so I signed up. I then found out how much of a pain in the *** it was going to be for me EVERY NIGHT to do the treatments I was supposed to do. Luckily My gilrfriend talked me out of doing this so I went in to inform them that would be cancelling and this was on the 3rd day so the last I could cancel. When I told them I was cancelling they then told me that they can not accept the products back and I would not be able to get a refund for them even though they weren't opened.

I told them and read to them from the contract where it clearly states you can have a full refund within the 3 days as long as produts are unopened. The lady proceded to tell me that she still wouldnt be able to refund that.... Well in their face they hadn't withdrawn the money from my account yet so I just put a stop payment on them and told them to kiss my ***. I then took my entire file from them with all my information in case they wanted to try any sneaky stuff...

Yea not gonna get me like a sucker.

My advice is.... Dont do this. See a doctor and discuss any options or accept the loss. Unless you just have money to blow and dont care then by all means....

actually If you got it like that them you can just give me the money you would waste with them. At least at the end of the day that way you would at least feel good about yourself...

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My son just got ripped off by The Hair Club. They never told him a word about having to pay another $264 a month after signing the initial contract amount.

Now they are telling him he cannot get anymore product or service if he doesn't join "the club" which means the piece is totally useless to him now.

They are a deceitful company and need to be investigated and shut down. Their business practices are nothing short of unethical.


Not true at all . In consultation it’s explained to you what the down payment is before a contract is written and signed .

Those monthly installments cover his services including continuing color or cuts to keep him looking his best , less gratuity for the stylist that work hard to give him that amazing transformation !

Did you honestly think a down payment is for all future services on the custom hair being made for him? Hair Club has changed lives for those with hair loss , it’s sad that you feel so negative !


It’s a big ripoff...in Toronto,it’s 4 thousand dollars for the wig,after a follow up,it’s a 4 hundred dollar a month plan & products are additional charges.


Hair club sucks ,they are rude ,dishonest & a big ripoff...you must work for them!


:( :( :( :( PULLING MY HAIR OUT!!


Ridiculous service! When I try to schedule a salon appointment, most of the time no one answers the phone. When a person does answer, I am assured I will receive a call back and no one calls back. Finally when I do get someone on the line after repeated tries and holding for many minutes, I am told that there is no salon appointment available for a month!

Apparently I am expected to make appointments 3 months in advance!! For a hair cut I should pick the precise hour 3 months in advance???

Even if waiting period is so long, problem could be solved to a greater extent just by having a web portal - but this does not occur to HAIR CLUB.


This is no joke, hair club is ruining my life. I cant believe how embarrased i am wearing their system i lost all confidence and im ashamed to leave my house.

I would love to meet one of their senior managers and have them wear my hair for one day to experience the disgust i have with my life due to their hair. Im preparing myself to the day when i have to go to work with no hair.

Im terrified but i have no choice. I sit alone and cry how bad this hair looks.


That happened to us, they told us we couldn't turn the products back in. In the Agreement # 4 it reads you can turn them back within a 3 day, but when you go to turn in the products they tell you they can have them back. I suggest you leave them the products before the three days and record that you are returning them a d ask for a client refund.


HI.. I've been a hair club member for 5 years and could not be more pleased.

The girls are wonderful and my hair pieces have always been gorgeous, full and the color is great.

I've never had a problem with any shedding or it coming off my head. I'm a very happy customer.


you are an hair club employee..


Attention, please do keep in mind that positive comments for hair club are by hair club employees themselves.


I had my hair done In Costa Messa, CA by this *** surgeon who fondled me and tickled my anus. I was embarrassed by this and embarrassed that I spent over 10k in surgery that mad my hair look like pubic hair so now I feel like such a *** head! Thanks hairclubfags!

@Donad Trump

I also was targeted with homophobic remarks,subjected to acts of harassments by some hair club employees some of which constitutes an act of sexual harassments.


Omg I wish I would have did the research on hair club. They are a big scam.

I have alopecia bald at the top of my head and in consultation I was told how the sales consultant has been a customer of hair club and he explained to me how he was bald and his hair been restored for 7 yrs now .

A lie cuz my hair was on 1 weeks b4 it lifted totally off my head the suppose to b allergenic glue and tape itches so bad and the hair sheds uncontrolledably. Definitely not wat I signed up for and I never received a copy of the contract and definitely want my money back and now had this hair for 1 month


:( hi , I'm too was lies to , scammed,cheated.once had enough of lies,deceptions a letter demanded hardly for refund.guess what they did? I was accused of bad behaviour and was cancelled out.with old dying hair and nowhere to go..

ever since I been fighting this club .

I will take legal action not only against the club but some of it's conspirator staffs.please don't give up.all these complains can and will be used against the club once under investigation by miss Pam Bundy attorney general of Florida. Toronto Canada.


So you didn't even do it and you are complaining?


I am in the same boat now. I want to stop but i have no hair...

What do I do and does anybody know how to get the money back.

Beacause it is way too much for a wig. And i am not happy at all


buddy am so sorry you lost few thousand..but look at the bright side you found out very early what a rip off this company is and moving away from it GOOD ..in my case i lost well over $18000.00 and once demanded fix or refund hair club came at me by force,lies,deceptions,conspiracy just to apply fear of going to court and facing law suit. move away,tell others and if still want to do this just go on line order a wig for few dollar only do it yourself and will only cost you few hundred per year. i promise.

good luck.


Yes, jdcuw, I too was scammed. They tricked me into thinking I waould be receiving treatments, however they shaved my head telling me that it would be easier for their product to adhere to my scalp.

Guess what the product was? They glued a laced front wig to my head. This didn't fix the problem of my thinning and balding hair, it only covered it up. Here I am thinking I am being prepared for treatments, instead I'm being charged $3500 for a wig-- all at the sacrifice of them shaving my head.

I signed up in August, started physically seeing them as scheduled in September as instructed. Starting in September, not knowing what the exact process would be allowed time for the 3 day cancellation to expire. I went until November a total of 5-6 visits. Each time to shampoo and style a wig on my head.

The first 3 visits were consultations. When I informed them I no longer wanted their services, scheduled for 3 years of wig washing and no actual treatments--- I was told no refunds are permitted.

I am in the process of hiring an attorney and going to the media. ---unoround

@Its a business scam in Memphis

I have same issue, done in August 2013, now I am stuck

what should I do


Hi Raj..Give your final notice to hair club..you can go online order your own hair system from many online company's no contract,money back guarantee..This would save you hundreds monthly and thousands yearly..

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