I had a terrible experience with Hair Club for Men in 1993, and just had a tragicomic memoir published about it. I think you'd all enjoy it.

It was written for those of us who have gone through the process, but also for the general public.

They've been watching the commercials for decades, and have seen men with bad hair systems walking around, but I bet very few of them have any idea what really goes on once someone makes the decision to sign up. Hopefully my book will both entertain and inform in a way that sheds some light on the issue.


Reason of review: Bad quality.

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My suggestion to those who ,were taken by this company,there alot the same complaint,too plus there other sites with some many complaints as well,my suggestion is file a class action suit against this company,if there over a hundred people getting scammed.there could grounds for a major law suit...contact a ligation lawyer plus file complaints ur state better business bureau...Good luck...also u have a good case for emotional damages as well.


4 people "Had the same issue". What issue? Getting a memoir published?


I hope that one day soon media/press gives me the chance to tell the world my story,what really happened and what these people (hair club) did to me... I want it to be in front of cameras and reporters...It'll be one for the books.!!!