Secaucus, New Jersey

Don't go to the Philadelphia office. The sales consultant, Frank Forte, is a narcissistic psychopath.

I went in about a month ago in June to discuss options of my thinning hair. He used high pressure sales techniques to prey on my fear of hair loss. They use hard closing techniques to rush you into signing a contract quickly. When I called to cancel the contract 3 days later, he was extremely irate and cursed multiple times attempting to guilt me into going through with the Bio-Matrix program which I, being naive, said that I would look into it.

The contract I had signed I thought was to see what financing they could give me. They are very deceptive and deceitful.

Don't give your hard earned money to *** artists. They just want your money and they are making tons of it off of preying off of your fear of hair loss.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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How are you complaining about a contract you signed and obviously did not read??


He (Frank) should of kindly canceled this young man’s contract...the customer/client is always right but this company,unfortunately couldn’t careless of people’s feelings or comfort...The Toronto office is terrible too.