New Orleans, Louisiana

This website is called pissed consumer so why is there some super positive comments. Lol, clearly fake.

I'm turned off by the product just this reason. For the sake of meeting the 100 word requirement, let me say that i did try the topical solution and it honestly made a satisfying difference. However, if you dont use it everyday it gets worst. And its like it becomes less effective.

I do believe it slows the hair loss process and it was no more than 20 bucks for 3 bottles.

definitely worth a try. 1 2 3 4 5 6

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You sales people and other employees of hair club scam company may as well quit posting your fake stories on here because your BS is as see through as glass.Anyone wanting to know the truth about this scam company and (so called) product can research the countless websites where REAL current and former victims talk about what a scam this BS is.


The products worked for me. My hair is fuller now then it was before I started.


The treatments is just minoxidil, basically, romaine, it does work, you can get it a Walgreens, don't spend hundreds of dollars for Hcm to give you information and a few bottles of cheap imitation of romaine, see your doctor too for prescription propecia. As for the treatment shampoos, you can also get some good head and shoulders shampoos.


Yeah, I went there for a free evaluation as well and decided to give them a try....TOTAL WASTE OF MY MONEY. They sold me the biomatrix *** wig glued to my head (hideous).

I hated it, it itched like crazy and came off after first wash. The hairline did not look natural as they promised. I asked for refund but they said it was too late and the only option was to do EXT hairloss prevention treatment. This didn't work either, i ended up loosing more of the little amount of hair I still had to begin.

PLEASE don't fall into their scam. They only care about taking your hard earned money and not you.


This joke of a company is a huge waste of money.The only people laughing are the criminals that *** people into this 30 dollar wig glued to their head or their line of family dollar watered down products that do absolutely nothing.Any person can order vitamins.You do not have to go to these scammers and pay them thousands of dollars for this BS.


The treatments worked for me as well. My hair is so much fuller then it was before.



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