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I paid $3,495.00 for six month of service I only got four month I would like part of my money back for September is $582.50 and November $582.50 Hair Club for woman is a big rip-off after your six month they want you to pay $353. 00 a month for three more wig so that should let you know that your real hair don't gross back if you have to pay for three more wigs and your hair still don't gross back, *** pay me to lie for you like everybody else do, Hair Club use wigs and glue, I had service at 40 Oak Hollow Dr. Suite 350 Southfield MI

Roberta Clark Flint, MI

Monetary Loss: $349500.

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Wow. For that much money per month does that wig drive you to work?

Make you and your family dinner?

Or clean your house for you? Because you're paying more for that wig than you would for a brand new Mercedes Benz which at least has heated seats.

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