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I have started the xtrand program with the ext therapy but didn't see any difference. I was told that if it doesn't work my money can transfer to something else but this was a lie they want me to pay again monthly.

I was also told that I have six salon visits and didn't get any and when I asked for my visits they told me my status says expired and I lost the visits. I wish there is money return or even compensation for that. In addition i got a hair color by them one time and they do not know anything about colors. I don't think that their salon know anything.

I really wasted lots of money for nothing. Their xtrands don't even stay for one day they fall off and they don't cover any bald spots

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Xtrands Hair Treatment.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Hair Club Cons: Refund policy not fully explained, Not good at all, Lies and deceit.

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Hair club is a joke waste of time..they tried to die that wig *** glue it on my head..they maid me sign papers for half of my money back and that I will not sue the..


Bad quality,and I will stay away From hair club


I went for my free consult yesterday to help my thin front hair, a gift from chemo. The gal was very friendly and the info she explained sounded very good.

Of course she wanted me to sign up right there & then and get started. I almost came close , but listened to that little voice in my head that said, go home think about it, and research it and find reviews. Well WOW am I glad I listened to that voice. I scoured the internet and cannot find even one good or favorable review.

Most are nightmare like.

I'm glad I looked before I leaped.I guess I'll have to live with my horrid chemo hair . At least I'm living.


Don't do it


I was considering doing the x strands program and I would like to hear from someone who tried it. Do you suggest I don't do it?


Don't put trash on your head just a hat