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I went through the process of consultation. After I chose the hair texture, style, etc.

I was told to wear the hair piece overnight so they can make any adjustments the next day. Well, after wearing the custom wig overnight I realized I couldn't wear a wig 24/7; plus, it looked "wiggy". So, I decided the program wasn't for me. I went back the next day and told them how uncomfortable the wig felt and I didn't feel the product was for me.

They offered me other, which didn't appeal to me...I told them, "no" (which didn't appeal to them.) They then told me because I left the facility I forfeited any refund. Oh, did I forget to add that I paid $4,000+ for this custom wig that I had on for 24 hours. So, I civilly expressed my displeasure at their business practices; they ultimately decided to bend-over-backwards for me and give me back 50% (they had the audacity to make me feel like they're doing me a favor.) Yes, they let me rent a custom wig 24 hours for $2,022. I reluctantly met with them on May 8, 2015 to sign the papers for the refund (I should have exhausted any legal recourse instead.) They told me I would get the refund in approximately 30 days.

Well, I received the refund on July 19, 2015, after repeated e-mails. Beware!...they truly lack integrity.

Reason of review: overall business practices toward non-clients.

Hair Club Pros: Stylists.

Hair Club Cons: No guarantee lied to my face, Customer service, Refund policy not fully explained, Cannot say no to program.

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This place sucks