Mississauga, Ontario
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Fake people work here; all the consultants misguide you about the services they provide - practically what they call a bio-matrix is a WIG - glued and taped to your head after trimming your frontal hair on size 0.

And then they will just charge you $3995-4500 and wait for 4 wks for you're WIG to arrive & once it does arrive - you will be asked to sign a WAIVER so they cover their *** - its a TRAP!

Maria, Neda, Nellie - these are just few names on the people who work here and *** about the services they provide and how they will make you look good

They've done nothing better for me but just made it worse


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They are aholes.....waiting right now for this glue to get removed, got my hair in yesterday....The glue sucks so badly woke up with my head stuck to the pillow case...I am in pain & they really don't give a damm. Still don't know if I will have to shave my head get this glue removed...is sad considering it took me 5yrs to grow after Cancer treatment.


Chris from Toronto has a rude attitude and his product knowledge is limited.


all bad reviews is most people pissed about spending money. I understand if they lie to you about re growing hair which is impossible and paying money but I was told and explained this is not my growing hair and that will need to maintain it , obviously for a cost .

I saw people who goes to Hairclub and others who do the self care and cheaper version in lower shops GTA and honestly there is a big difference .

Is not for everyone specially if you have unreal expectations and don't want to spend much Go open minded they can help if you truly want hair that look real, feels comfortable and undetectable. Go only if you want all this and you are ready to spend money on yourself .


All positive reviews are fake


You must work for Hcm


Hcm sucks & it is a rip off


I dont why people believe this company. This company is fake and charging people way too much for a wig.

People can just buy a remy lace front or full lace front between 140 to 400. I would never pay 3000 to 10000 for a wig.

They are ripping people off. The company is bogus!!


I wouldn't mind getting a wig to match my hair, just as long as it looks good & natural & undetected to most people. Even the late King Of Pop, singer, dancer Michael Jackson had a wig. :grin 8)

@Anthony Pelligrini

It will always look fake

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