Dekalb, Illinois
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Hair Club is a rip off.Scalp analisis should be called scam analisis because thats how they get you to come in and then dont even do one.Told me i did"nt have enough hair for it to matter and sold me on a cheap hair piece thats not manageable.They said a normal tip to stylist of 50.00 is reccomended each visit.The second of four is when they either talk you into a better hair piece for 50.00 more per month or assign you to a different stylist who is even less talented than the first.They took me for 3,695.00 with 500.00 off for signing today.The most money i have ever been taken for.They should be shut down or come clean.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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There is no ethics nor integrity/honesty in hair club for men and women? they committed to doctrine of lies ,cheats, should read their contract?

is a bogus.clients don't have any right nor can suit no member of staffs.remember sales managers working on tips.they lies in ones face.if you demand refund and insists upon it they use the last article in their bogus contract citing bad behavior and harassment and you're out without advanced notice. on line hair wigs are the same if not better with it one can save thousands yearly.i did it.

maria faulkner

I could not agree with you more! I used to be a member of HC and they not only lied to me about the hair system, they kept applying glue to make my wig stick..

Lied and said it was medical sutures but infact was hair glue. The wig wasn't even the right size, it fit like a toupee.. I found a hair replacement place in Houston that had the same wigs for 75% less!!!

They are somewhere off S.Post Oak Rd Houston Lace Wig Co.. Much better options and they accept returns.


This sounds exactly like the experience I had when dealing with these *** artist at their office in Raleigh North Carolina.These people are nothing but *** and need to be put out of business.


That doesn't sound right at all....which center did you visit?

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