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I traveled 4 hours to a hair club in Tulsa Ok. My first trip I signed up and was measured for a matrix.

I set my next appointment to have it put on 4 weeks later. (as I was told that was how long it takes to get one) On my next trip I was taken into a room and my head was shaved leaving just a strip around my head of my own hair. I'm sitting there looking somewhat like bozo the clown, probably 20 minutes, when the stylist comes in and informs me that some how my matrix had not been ordered and I would have to wait and come back when it came in. I was scheduled to leave for New Zealand the next week, and they offered no solution as to what to do with my now bald head.

That should have done me then,but I threw enough of a fit, and might have mentioned my lawyer and so they got me a matrix from somewhere. I was told that it was a bronze level hairpiece,and it was quite nice, and I enjoyed it. The next hairpiece I got felt like it had wire in it. It itched and was really uncomfortable.

That's when I was told this was the bronze and the one I got the first time was a silver. I signed to go silver and continued for a few more years. But the last few I got were of such poor quality, the hair wore out in less than 2 weeks, I mean they were hairless mesh. Of course they charge you for every little extra, plus having to drive 4 hours one way twice a month I finally gave it up.

I have a permanent naked band where the glue pulled out my hair, a daily reminder.

I did have a great stylist. I miss him but that is all

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Hair Treatment.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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The place was never the same after Sy Sperling bowed out.

There may be someone else you can use that isn't 4 hrs away.

I dropped the one in Cleveland years ago ( a total misery to get there and back - it's an absolutely insane place to drive 1-1/2 hrs each way ) and found a private business with a true cosmetologist 15 minutes from my front door.

Good luck and don't put up with either an ugly bald head or poor service.

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