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My husband and I both in our 30's began to lose hair so we decided to give a try to this club in Queens. The lady explained to us what is causing hair loss and a bunch of things. The treatment every month includes : EXT( hair care and scalp treatment), Hair cut, shampoo and style, 1 laser helmet (that you have to wear for every day for 20 mins for the rest of your life) my husband stopped her there and asked about the cost and money back guarantee. she said you will have guaranteed hair but no money back she showed no in trust discussing about money back guarantee.

It also said on their guarantee paper in small prints that: 1 treatment non- surgical Bio-Matrix 90 days if not satisfied they take your money to the 2nd treatment Extreme hair therapy. here they don't say how many days (red flag it could be from any day) same thing then to the third treatment hair Transplantation: let me write exactly since my scanner is not working. "For all hair transplantation procedures performed by our network of affiliated physicians*, we guarantee to replace any non-growing hair transplantation graft free of -charge, providing you meet with a network physician to determine that you have adequate donor hair. in our experience, such replacement has seldom been necessary".*professional hair transplantation services provided by the affiliated physicians of the Bosley Medical Group.

be aware,

1. its not free of charge its your money plus hidden charges.

2. Donor hair you dont know who is the donor animal or human.

3. they are part of Bosley another scam that they don't tell you (oh my poor brother was their victim)

4. they claim that they are the only people in the world with this technology yet they are working with Bosley aha..

5. don't sign any paper or forms bring them home and read carefully because their is no money back guarantee even if you stop their treatments you have to pay them full eventually .

any way,She also told us to replace every hair product in our house with their's. you are only ALLOWED to use their product in order to get good results, otherwise the treatment wont work for you and that will not be their fault. My husband said we are unemployed and cant pay $7000. the lady's smile faded away,she started wrapping things up and saying people pay $250 when they have hair cut every month plus tip. If you can not do for yourself, at least let your wife had this treatment for nine months. pay installments and sign their papers. My husband felt uncomfortable with what she said, and decided to get treatment for me.Be careful that's their biggest trick to make you feel low and force you to do unthinkable, old business psychology, folks. He said let me come back in three months then the lady said oh when you come back it will be to late and you guys will lose all your baby hair that they can save and grow back. she said guys think of this as a necessity not an accessory its an investment. (Big promises again) . I know this review is long but this will help you make your decision and save you money.if you want to go they give you free consultation and hot chocolate.its better to be prepared then unprepared.

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I have been scammed by hair club too and am filling a suit against them. I could always use more testimonies and would love to hear more of your story if would be willing to share.

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