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Update by user Feb 03, 2017

If you are a journalist or media outlet reporting or writing about hair club I need your help..please contact me. What these people did to me is unprecedented awful and appalling abhorrent to every right-minded person !!!

Update by user May 19, 2016

This does not mean that i stopped fighting for the truth..I'm using the advise by a Psychotherapist to hopefully stop or reduce or at least manage the pain these people have caused me..I'm still hoping that i get my chance with media so the truth be known..

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Update by user Mar 24, 2016

If you are a journalist or media outlet I need your help...please get in touch with me. What these did to me is truly unethical immoral and appalling, abhorrent to every right-minded person..

Update by user Dec 29, 2014

If you are a journalist or media outlet reporting or writing about hair club, or if you're investigating hair club I need your help...please contact me. What these people did to me was unprecedented, awful and appalling abhorrent to every right-minded person.!!!

Update by user Feb 14, 2013

HAIR CLUBS CONSPIRACY,LIES,DECEPTION INCLUDING THAT OF Simon D'Souzas as promised . please read and print for your own record and legal purposes. This is only a part of Simon D'Souzas lies to hair club head office:

Some times in April of this year(2012), Niloofar Mahravan ('Nellie"), a Membership Advisor whom was working out of the Toronto centre at that time, reminded Mr Yazdi he was no longer entitled to the monthly hair care kits when he demanded same to be issued to him and further asked him to bring his account to date as he owed a balance on same. This conversation was held at the front desk in a professional low tone. According to Simon D'Souza, the manager director of the Toronto centre, Mr Yazdi immediately began to raise his voice at the consultant and began to rant and speak ill of the Company in front of other client.

Mr D'Souza asked the client to come into his office and asked Mahmood Mozafary ("Moe"), the centre's Stylist Supervisor , to come into his office as well to have another person witness the conversation. During this exchange, it was clear to Mr D'Souza that Mr Yazdi's ego had been hurt and he apologised to Mr the client for any misunderstanding between him and Nellie despite knowing that knowing Nellie was right to remind him he was not contractually entitled to the additional products and in fact needed to bring his account to current in order to receive services from the Company. At this time Mr Yazdi indicated that the consultant was treating him "that way" because she was purportedly upset that he rejected her advances. Mr D'Souza, who did not believe Mr Yazdi's incendiary comments, immediately told he didn't appreciate the tone or unprofessionalism of same.

OK, this meeting never ever took place never happened 'EVER".on that day i was accompanied with stylist named gale and left after four minutes, there was no shouting,nor a meeting nor mazafary not that dat not ever. D'Souza is indeed one of the biggest liar i've ever came across with yet worthy of HCMW. Simon D'Souza claim's of this meeting and mind you as he claims witnessed by mahmood mosafary never ever took place, D'Souza is a liar and Conspirator". D'Souza invents these story's simply out of paranoia , and fear of truth and while under investigation's.

This is only part of his Cowardly lies. Please remember there are more to Simon D'Souzsas Cowardly lies which I plan to post later..

Mahmood Mosafary now knows his name has been included in a plot and a conspiracy which has caused harm. you "Mosafary" have a choice to make, either report this and Simon D'Souzas to police including unauthorised use of your name in an meeting you know never ever took place or continue to participate in this plot and of a Conspiracy.

No matter how long it takes, I will sue this company while subpoena these four employees for breach of contract, inflicting personal injuries, lies,deception,coerced,making homophobic remarks,wrong reports with intentions to mask the truth and cause harm,harassment and that of sexual harassment.


Update by user Jan 26, 2013

hi, despite repeated request made to both hair club head office and this two hair club workers Simon D'souza and Niloofar(Nellie) Mahravan to either confess to their lies or agree to polygraph and take lie detecting test sadly but not surprising these request have not been met yet.

Hair club knows this two will fail both lie detecting test and that of polygraph. Remember it was this hair club head office that rushed to cancel my membership while receiving my faxed letter to either fix constant ,ongoing problems caused by their producers some involving "use of liquid glue and taps" and failing ,committing to their binding contract. Hair club also knows of this two workers lies,deceptions for months but uses this as an yet another excuse in a strings of failed excuses and to hide behind this two employees numbers of lies to justify unlawful unjust cancellation..I 'd personally provided hair club all that is needed to verify this two workers lies,deceptions by writing and by providing witnesses, again hair club refuses to do the right thing and admitting guilt.! While speaking to hair club assistant counsel who sounded incoherent and confused she indeed asked me to "return if I like" hoping this would bring all of this to end my respond was of course that of a big "NO". This associate counsel on two occasions foolishly tried to have me recorded while deliberately putting me on the voice mail in case of use of slander uses this for yet again another shameful and failed excuse to justify unlawful cancellation based on baseless,bogus invented story's by this two liars, conspirators hair club employees.

Please not that on April 20-2012 apologetic,regretful Nellie Mahravan while expressing regrets for all wromgs she has done to me in the past and while questioned she admitted to homophobic remarks targeted at me by yet another employee named Chris and that of Simon D'souzas hinting all rooted in deep jealousy.!! On April 27-2012 confess to her transfer to another location she handed over her own personal contact card to me and asked to to call her and stay in touch which hair club is indeed fully aware of this..

Hair club also is fully aware of Simon D'souzas cowardly lies put on paper..this person invents story's purely out of fear, and desperations. They're all are caught in a web of their own lies....

I personally charge hair club for men and women for breach of binding contract, sexual harassments,harassments,homophobic remarks confirmed by Nellie Mahravan,making wrong report with intentions to mask the truth and cause harm..

Update by user Jan 19, 2013

hi,This two hair club employees Simon D'souza and Niloofar(Nellie) Mahravan are indeed both are liars, conspirators.! They have been given a chance to take lie detecting test and polygraph.Their refusal to do so is indeed indication of their fear of failing polygraph and lie detecting test with it fear of emerging truth..!

Update by user Jan 17, 2013

I Continue To Formally Invite This Two Hair Club Employees To Agree To Take Lie Detecting Test And Polygraph.!

Original review posted by user Dec 26, 2012

hi, public should know that my battle with hair club continues.

This battle is to prove what hair club did to me: Inflicting personal injuries involving sexual harassments, lies ,homophobic remarks by this staff named Chris, harassment and breach of contract, while a member and after.. Also will like to see these hair club employees Simon D'souza and Nellie(neloofar) Mahravan in court and press charges for deliberately purposely making lies,wrong reports and on basis of sexual harassments and if possible place law suits on this two for damages.

Public should know that homophobic remarks and Simon D'souza's true intentions (deep jealousy)were all confirmed to me by the very hair club employee and co conspirator Nellie Mahravan on April 20 and 27-2012. Also please note that Nellie Mahravan while feeling guilty,expressed regrets for causing my unlawful cancellation which i only learned few days later, and while flirting handed over her own personal contact card right in front of two other employees urged me to call her and which this has become the latest hair club excuse in a series of excuses by hair club in series of desperate attempts to justify their unlawful cancellation.

Somon D'souza and his reports against me are all pack of lies rooted in deep jealousy one which involves an event took place on March16-2012 by front deck. On his report to head office he claims hearing me shouting,cursing Mahravan and that he asked me to his office and asked Mahmoud Mortasavi to witness ? This is a lie this never happened ever not that day and not ever before or after. hair can and should contact Mahmoud Mortasavi and ask him about or Mahravan. Simon D'souzsa is a liar and conspirator and i just wish he take my offer come down to police station and take lie detecting test or polygraph.

Reason of review: . What they did to me is truly unethical immoral and appalling, abhorrent to every right-minded person!.

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Please note Introducing polygraph will be the only way and only solution to prove constant lies made by Simon D'souza and Nellie(nilloofar) Mahravn to mask the truth and cause harm. this two hair club workers are indeed liars and conspirators.

While a member my complains against this worker Nellie Mahravan and her behaviour some of which constitutes and act of sexual harassments has been deliberately ignored .This complains although not a member by unlawful cancellation cause by fear of massive law suit once again sent to hair club head office. please follow this case...


I like the idea that i have these two conspirators,liars and hair club's attention.

public: They following me on all web sites. they press *** on all my reviews.

well how happy they making me.

I only get more motivated ,believing in myself continue my affords through all social media and soon with flyers to expose these two liars,criminals, conspirators and further expose and reveal what this two have done and to expose hair club for what is really all about: Rip off,scam, fraudulent nation wide.