Patterson, New York
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Went to HAIRCLUB to buy my hair products and they refused to sell me any more. Stating they had to be monitored. They new I was a life time member. What they told me was, your contract has run out. This is very bad business! Not wanting to honor the former customers contact. Which is a "Life Time Membership" to come and buy the products I need to keep my hair from falling out.

Was told I had to start all over again.

The employee I spoke to for buying the products told me I can not sell you anymore. Needless to say I was shocked, especially when I was told I could buy them for as long as I wanted to, being a LIFE TIME MEMBER.

Reason of review: refused to sell products.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Hair Club Pros: Management.

Hair Club Cons: No guarantee lie to costumers.

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To the person who said "just shave your head and call it a day." REALLY???? It's that easy huh, women can just shave their head and call it a day.

That's so insensitive.

cause yeah, all women should just shave their heads and "call it a day"!!! Ugh


All you need is a big beautiful smile ,not the hair


That is absolutely TERRIBLE! I'm so sorry you're out $4000!

That's a lot of money! What a scam!!!!

This is off topic but I'm always curious when I see stuff like this... I wonder if when people write "they new I was a lifetime member" ...

Do you realize it's spelled "knew"? Or do people just ignore how to appropately spell and think it's actually "new." That's off topic but I always wonder.


Well Jenn ,you should proof-read your own comment as you misspelled the word "appropriately " . Also rather say "correctly spell " than appropriately spell.


I have been scammed by hair club too and am filling a suit against them. I could always use more testimonies and would love to hear more of your story if would be willing to share.


Check ebay or any other site and you can get the products. They probably call them something else since Hair Club likes to use deceptive terminology but all of the *** that they sell are available for much less else where.

Even the low quality hair pieces and wigs can be bought for less somewhere else.


Shave your head & call it a day,hcm is expensive and full of lies.

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