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Alright people... I was excited!

I was really excited to finally have this opportunity. I went in for my first consultation (Wednesday) and asked a lot of questions. Made sure it was exactly what I was hearing. For example $95 each visit, which maybe I can handle.

We went over everything and I happily signed. They told me that I had three business days to cancel. The next morning they charged me with an extra $800 without telling or asking me anything, and at that point I was just angry. As I thought more about the price of it all I became worried that maybe I wouldn't be able to afford this.

I called them on my third day (Tuesday because Monday was a holiday) as soon as they opened and talked to my consultant. She was very nice and told me that I did not have to come in that day because I called her and I would get my full money back, but still I went in to make sure I would get my money back. When I arrived she called me to her office and told me "You cannot cancel it is past your three days." This just got me even more angry then I already was! She had already told me that I could cancel and now suddenly I can't because she apparently did not open my file until after we hung up the phone.

In what way is it my fault that sh didn't look at my file! that's her problem, she told me I would get my money back, so I should be getting my money back. Three business days is Thursday, Friday and Tuesday (As Monday was a holiday). I asked her multiple times how are my three business days done?

and she simply said "Saturday is a business day because we are open on Saturday" I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I told her there is no law that says that a weekend is a business day. Even TD bank that is open all 7 days only have Monday-Friday business days. She also began to tell me that it was $95 per hour per visit and each visit is about two hours, and failed to originally tell me I HAD to give an extra $75 each visit as a tip... Again this was another point that they failed to disclose even when I asked "Only $95 a visit?" At this point I just could not believe they were robbing me.

So I asked to speak with a manager. The consultant said not a problem and soon enough the manager was sitting in front of me. Now that I think about it the consultant was a wonderful person compared to this so called manager, her customer service is just disgusting. First off she is probably one of the rudest people I have ever come across in my life.

She started telling me all she could do was find a way to help in moving this forward. And this is when I started "Why was money taken out before my three days were up? Why did you so call 'order the hair' before my three days were up and use the money that I deposited before I even had a chance to cancel" all she said was that "You were excited". Now hypothetically IF Saturday was considered a business day (which it is not) then that means that she would have had to order the hair on Tuesday, but I called as soon as they opened 11am on Tuesday which means either they ordered the hair before my three days were up or they ordered the hair after I had called to cancel, either way they were in the wrong.

As we were talking she even rolled her eyes at me at one point. I just could not believe this women is a manager. I asked her if i had to talk to my lawyer and she raised her voice saying "don't threaten me with a lawyer" I have no idea in what universe that was a threat but she continued by saying "You OBVIOUSLY have the funds to do this or you wouldn't have come here" This was just to much, now she thinks she can tell me what I can and cannot afford and even worse she said "you can't live like this forever" Seriously now shes saying that to me and thinks that will make me say okay I can... because shes wrong this just made me feel even worse.They she started to say that oh we will try to make it easier for you because we want to help you so I can make it $2000 instead of $4500.

This did not make me feel better it just proved that they really are scamming me and everyone else by suddenly being able to give a much cheaper price. Another point I failed to mention is that I know someone else who is a member at Hair club and I asked my consultant "Why am I paying so much more?" all she could say was that "everyone pays the same" and when I asked the manager the same question she had a completely different answer "every one's needs are different." so apparently they cannot even keep a lie straight between one another. When the question of 3 business days arose once more she said that the contract said "Three Hair Club Business Days". When I checked this I found that it clearly states "Three Business Days" and nothing about Hair Clubs own business days.

When we started talking about the money that was taken out the next day after my consultation she said to me that "Money is taken out as soon as the company accepts the forms" but as little as 5 minutes later when she went to photocopy something she came back and said "I remember telling you the money comes out the next day" this makes no sense as she said just a few minutes earlier that it will come out when its accepted.

There are so many lies that this "Manager" told that I cannot even write it all out. They robbed me of my hard earned money because of all their disgusting lies and changing stories.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Manager.

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I had a good experience . Nothing like what I am reading ..

Call it a wig or piece or whatever. It looks real! That is all I wanted. Is for people who understands hair doesn't grow back and still wants hair for a cost If you don't try you will stay miserably bald.

For sure not for everyone. Need to be open minded person.


It doesn't look real,it looks fake with a big price tag


Your post is a lie


I too had very bad experience with these people. They are what I would call "daylight robbers"!

They charges exorbitant. Because of the flashy ad I was trapped into it. I didn't have much money so I had to go for deferred payments and paid $3000/- for a hair piece that looked silly. the person who was doing the fittings boasted all the time and ended up trimming all the hair leaving a "pot" like hair piece.

I couldn't get out of the jam and even though they replaced the hair-piece it still wan't right. I researched the net and found an excellent place with pleasant, accommodating people. Would sincerely advice people to do a google search and you will find a better place than this show-off place. A bag of hot air people rung the place.

If you want to avoid tears, please, please don't go here - "search and you will find" a better, nicer place.

Sorry I had to place this negative comments but its the honest truth and I would not recommend it to anyone. This place in Mississauga, is a show piece and honestly, a sham !


they still my money too


IMHO. If you paid via credit card, you should have called them up and told them to stop payment.

Did you get to resolve this issue, as its been over a month?

if yes, How. I haven't stepped into one, alot of scammers out there.

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