Rye, New York

Please do not go there, they will rush you and make you come out looking like a damp cloth was put on your head. They will rush you and make you take time off costing you $ore $oney out of your pocket.

I regret ever making this descion,

The stylists keep looking at the clock when you're in there I do not reccomend anyone to come here. I'd recommend another company in Queens or in the City.

Do yourself a favot don't get sucked into this because you will regret it. Uou would think other wise but I had to learn the hard way

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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Thanks for your candid and honest report.we were all lied to ripped off and scammed by hair club.that's what hair club is all about scam rip off..Remember you can go online do all your shopping including order hair system better quality for fraction of price ones pat to hair club you get your hair system deliver to you already cut high lighted and lots more for free, no contract and money back guaranteed you will save thousands yearly..stay for away from hair club.proficiencyp@yahoo.ca


yo proficiencyp, dude you are obviously trying to sale a product because you post on every single complaint saying there are better systems out there and to email you... you sound just as much or even more of a scam artist then hair club is, go try and sale your *** somewhere else.


No i'm not selling anything products nor represent any company and you know that very well..Just helping others....Now i'm not going to accuse you that you're hair club employee but placing an ignorant comment like yours one can only easily put the picture together.