Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I went in for a consultation in early July. The sales consultant was very shady, narcissistic, and as using high pressure sales tactics to get me to look into the Bio-matrix program which is basically an overpriced wig that is glued to your head with adhesive tape.

I have thinning hair and I was asking about hair transplantation. The sales consultant told me I was way too young for a transplant. He was also very rude, and very dodgy about questions being asked. He had a hairstylist measure my head because I told him that I would check out the bio-matrix system.

He told me that he anted to see what type of financing that he could get me so the process could be moved further. I didn't know that I as signing a contract for the bio-matrix system to be ordered. I just thought that I was signing to see what type of financing I could get. I was never given a copy of the contract and I left the office knowing that something didn't feel right.

I had cancelled the appointment for later this week and the sales consultant was extremely rude, cursed multiple times, and was threatening me that he would get his money and that I had to pay. I am pursuing legal action against the company.

Monetary Loss: $1750.

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