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My wife was conned into going to their "free evaluation". My wife was sat down and they combed her hair strategically arranging it so that she would look like her minor hair loss was worse.

They took enlarged high resolution black and white pictures and showed her how her head looked in those close-up pictures. My wife was very vulnerable due to her emotional state and they noticed that. They told her that she could pay with her credit card, nothing was mentioned about their cancellation policy and when my wife tried to red the contract they said, "oh don't worry, you will look beautiful, just sign it". My wife signed it and came home without saying a word.

Three days later, she went back for her "custom" fitting. They gave her a generic wig which they glued and trimmed on her head. They even attached it with metal clips to her natural hair. She came home and I told her she looked good with the wig because it was a change, they even died her hair jet black to match the generic wig.

Two days later she complained to me that her head itched really bad and she took a shower. She was combing her hair and the wig shifted and was dangling from he head. She was crying and I helped her remove the piece, even had to cut her hair where the clips were in order to remove them. She called them up and they told he to go in 2 days later we were there.

We wanted our money back and we spoke to the manager who pointed out that she could not get her money back because the contract states that she only has 3 days to cancel. She said she would speak to her manager to see if he makes an exception and we waited for the call but they did not call us back. We complained to Nassau county dept of consumer affairs and they were not helpful and neither were Better Business Bureau. BBB is a scam I think because businesses pay them off.

We finally got results from complaining to the attorney general but by then my wife was in a state of mental frustration so when a slick lawyer from Hair Club called, she only offered us a mere $600 back and my wife took it. Hair club collapsed my marriage and we have not been the same since so do not use their services as it will not be a service to you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Hair Treatment.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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I agree w all people above!! Hair club RIPPED ME OFF as well!!

No good service, NO PROMISES DELIVERED!!!


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